tisdag 29 april 2014

Tin for the Tin God! Tin for the Tin mountain of Laffe!

Just a quickie to show what the postman brought me yesterday!

It's a parcel!

Hooray, it's my Chain of Command starter set from Rich!

I'm normally more of a coffee guy but tea is essential when sorting figures.
More pictures after the break

All the figures in the British Starter set are from Crusader miniatures and came pack in zip-loc bags containing four to six figures each. Lovely, real metal 28mm goodiness.

First the Lieutenant with PIAT (left) and 2 inch mortar (right) teams.

Next up three Bren Gunners with loaders. I would have liked the loaders to carry more ammo pouches though.

Two bags with riflemen, the bags were identical.

Another two identical bags with riflemen.
Two different packs of riflemen this time, one skirmishing and one kneeling.
Last but not least, a pack of NCO's with Sten guns. One of them will be the platoon sergeant.
The whole platoon arranged in HQ and sections. Note the three extra riflemen.
I'm super-happy with the whole lot. There are a limited number of duplicate poses and no figure is repeated three times. The fact that I got three extra riflemen is icing on the cake as I can use them as extra crew for the Vickers team and the Engineers I already ordered from Caliver books. I will be painting them the same way as my Crusader Early war british.

Very good value for your money already and the extra 15% off made them irresistable. Go and order yours now, the sale last until 1st of may!

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  1. Very nice! You are very, very close to pushing me over the edge, I'm afraid...


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