måndag 30 juli 2012


Finished an ork Trukk for the speed build at the Wargamers' Guild. In a speed build everyone get a set time and a subject and everyone tries to finish whatever they think match the subject before the deadline.

So do you want to buy a used trukk?
This time we had two weeks to build and paint something on the subject of Trucks, so I figured this was an excellent opportunity to do the trukk I got in the Ork Battleforce I recently bought. I will let the pictures do most of the talking.

fredag 13 juli 2012

Ork Boyz Review

Any self-respecting Ork Warlord will tell you that you need lots of Boyz to take the fight to the enemy, so I ordered an Ork Battleforce box just in time before the GW price rize. The box contains two sets of Ork Boyz, an Ork Trukk and a set of three Ork bikers. The sets are identical to the ones sold in separate boxes, just bunched together, so there are no extra special or limited edition figures included, but you do save a couple of bucks by buying the Battleforce.
The contents of the boxed set. Photo from Games Workshop.
In this review I will concentrate on just the Ork Boyz however.

tisdag 10 juli 2012

Foul Smelly Things...

My mate Thomas at the Learning By Doing blog got a bunch of Games Workshop Mordor Orcs in a figure swap which he then kindly donated to me for some strange reason. Not the person to turn down free figures I gladly accepted but without any real notion of what to do with them.

Taking the hobbits to Isengard? Well, not really since they serve the red eye.
(Please excuse the photos, they were taken outside with my mobile camera in glaring sunlight, and the green background played hell with the colours. In reality the colours are much duller.)

torsdag 5 juli 2012

Ork Lootas and Burnas review

Well, all this talk about 6th edition 40k made my mind wander to my poor neglected Ork Horde a bit, and I decided to give them some reinforcements. In the last Ork Codex you could buy Burnas (orks with flamethrowers) as upgrades for your boys, and I had a couple of metal models already. Not particularly useful but cool models and the templates could come in handy against another horde army, like Tyranids or Imperial Guard. I used them to give some power weapons to my 'Ard Boyz mobs which had +1 strength, to open Space Marine armour with.

In the current codex however, burnas are fielded in mobs of their own, so I needed some more. They are still counted as power weapons in close combat but may not be 'Ard Boyz any more so they are Strength 3. Not as good, but I want to use my old cool models. Consequently I bought the Lootas and Burnas Box to add the figures I need.

Life is like a box of extreme orky shootiness. Loud and foul smelling.

At first I was expecting finecast versions of the old metal models, but this is a plastic boxed set containing five multipart models. This is good because it means that the conversion possibilites are better and the parts can easily be swapped with the normal ork boxed sets. However things did not turn out to be as good as they seemed.

söndag 1 juli 2012

Sunday update

A couple of quick heads-up about what I have been doing lately. No juicy pictures of fresh painted miniatures though, sorry!

First, a shout-out to Tamsin, who writes the Wargaming Girl blog. She has a prize give-away celebrating the first six months of her blog. Go there and sign up, not just because of the prizes, but because her blog is good.

Second, while we are on the subject on girls and wargaming, an interesting discussion about sexism in miniatures and miniature gaming has, well, erupted, at the Frontline Gamer blog. Some very thoughtful comments, and some disturbing tales of terror.

Third, I have been diddling with this and that, and while I haven't finished anything I have been quite productive:

  • I have almost finished painting three dwarves, including one of the Scibor resin models I reviewed earlier. Basing and shields remain, and some small details on the Scibor dwarf. I will base Helga at the same time.
Pendraken Normands
  • I have bought, prepped and started to prime some 10mm normands from Pendraken. They are for a painting competition at the Wargamer's guild. However I have hit a snag with the new GW Imperial Primer, so expect a report and a rant sometime soon.
  • I have bought a box of Ork Burnas for 40k and started to assemble them. I took photos of the sprues, so a review is in the works.
Worth it's wheight in gold?
  • Desperate for Devlan Mud I have realised that a lot of the old painting sets are still around. You know, the ones you get nine paints, a paintbrush and some miniatures. A bonus is that they are much cheaper than the new paint sets, and you can even find them discounted in some places. Now, I do not play marines or high elves so the 40k and Fantasy sets are pretty useless, unless I'm really desperate for the paints (which I might be in six months when the rest of my foundation paints run out). However the Lord of the Rings paint set looks quite useful with 12 Moria Goblins and a better colour selection than the other sets, at least for my needs. Which reminded me that I still have the goblins from the Mines of Moria game box on sprues. So I clipped them out, glued them and prepped them and spraýed them black. Progress! 
Well, there you have it. As it is summer and I'm off work for holiday my painting and blog writing will be a bit erratic I think, but I will try to keep you posted. Happy gaming and have a good summer!

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