tisdag 28 februari 2017

All your base are belong to... swine?

I was not much impressed by the scenic bases GW had released before christmas, but the hero bases recently released piqued my interest. As my FLGS was out of the 40k one I bought the Fantasy version to review.

(Note: the sprues are really the same size, some sort of trickery with the photographs have ensued.)

The first sprue. Some interesting stuff, lots of skulls.

Second sprue. The giant sarcophagus lid on the right was what drew my eye originally.

söndag 26 februari 2017

Fun with magnets!

I'm becoming more and more fond of converting stuff with magnets. It's partly because I can't make my mind up about the various options available, and with magnets you can swap around parts between games.

I do realise this increases the list or army building time since if I just build stuff to a fixed specification I can't change my force between games that much. On the other hand my games are few and far between so I usually don't remember how my figures are kitted out, this way I can do the army list first and then change the figures to suit.

onsdag 22 februari 2017

Oota-goota Santa?

My hobby life naturally took a hit last year when I had most of my stuff in storage. Still, I did manage to paint a couple of things. The last thing I completed in 2016 was a figure for our local Secret Santa. I have held off showing it since I wanted to be sure the recipient had received it, however the obligatory "Thank you Santa"-post didn't materialise so I was a bit worried. A couple of eBay buys had gone missing just before Christmas and for a moment I suspected a dishonest postal worker had decided to nick my packages.

In the end I flat out asked if it had arrived, and yes it had. (My eBay buys were refunded by the seller too, so all is well that ends well, as the bard wrote.) But what was it, I hear you ask? Well, the title is a clue, as the figure was Greedo for Imperial Assault.

Oota-Goota Solo?

torsdag 16 februari 2017

I'm still alive... least I think so.

This will be a short update. Having recently divorced and moved house I have now finally gotten around to installing an internet connection. Which means I can update the blog again! I didn't want to do it through the phone because of the clunky blogger app or from work because hey, it's work and I'm not supposed to be blogging.

Hobbywise the last year has been a bit brutal. I have been living at my mom's extra apartment, separated from most of my miniatures and paints. It didn't keep me from buying more though, but I didn't want to start any big new projects because I would have to pack them up again. I still have to unpack all my other stuff, I wonder if I find something I've forgotten about?

Anyway, I'm back, so expect hobby related stuff and the occassional rant now and then.
Happy gaming!

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