onsdag 22 februari 2017

Oota-goota Santa?

My hobby life naturally took a hit last year when I had most of my stuff in storage. Still, I did manage to paint a couple of things. The last thing I completed in 2016 was a figure for our local Secret Santa. I have held off showing it since I wanted to be sure the recipient had received it, however the obligatory "Thank you Santa"-post didn't materialise so I was a bit worried. A couple of eBay buys had gone missing just before Christmas and for a moment I suspected a dishonest postal worker had decided to nick my packages.

In the end I flat out asked if it had arrived, and yes it had. (My eBay buys were refunded by the seller too, so all is well that ends well, as the bard wrote.) But what was it, I hear you ask? Well, the title is a clue, as the figure was Greedo for Imperial Assault.

Oota-Goota Solo?
I had a hard time deciding what colour Greedo really is. I guess the lighting on the Cantina set had some interesting effects.

His skin colour varies from green to blue in some pictures. I think I came close to the movie look.
Greedo's clothes (which really just was a garish 70's motorcycle suit) also varies from light blue to turqoise.
I painted Greedo with a lot of different paints from different makes. Some old ones which I happened to bring with me instead of putting in storage and some new paints that I had bought, so it's a right mish-mash of brands, but I hope you can follow it all anyway. I used GW Foundation paints for the basecoat straight onto the grey plastic instead of using a black undercoat. This way the miniature didn't turn out so dark. The foundation paints cover great on their own and I mourn the day GW discontinued them.
  • The suit was undercoated with GW Fenris Grey, and then highlighted with thin coats of Humbrol light blue. To tone the contrast down I washed the suit with Army Painter Green Tone ink. This also turned it ever so slightly turqoise. I then reapplied some choice highlights using light blue.
  • The stripes on the suit were undercoated GW Iyanden Darksun, washed with Army Painter Soft Tone, and then highlighted with GW Flash Gits Yellow followed by P3 Menoth White Highlight (an off-white bone colour).
  • The skin was basecoated GW Gretchin Green, washed with Army Painter Green Tone and highlighted with GW Nurgling Green.
  • The boots and belt were basecoated GW Calthan Brown, washed with Army Painter Strong Tone and highlighted using Coat d'Arms Beige Brown
  • The vest was basecoated GW Macharius Solar Orange, washed with Army Painter Flesh Wash and then highlighted first with GW Troll Slayer Orange and then GW Fire Dragon Bright.
  • I painted the gun, belt buckles and eyes black. The gun and buckles were highlighted with Warcolours Pewter while the eyes received a small white dot.
  • After varnishing I carefully cut Greedo off his base and glued him to clear acrylic.
And there you have it. May the Force be with You!

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  1. Svar
    1. Thanks. You can imagine how worried I was that it had been lost in the mail.

  2. Wow, great work! Those colors have a great Star Wars look even without the Rodian head. The skin color is perfect, at least in my minds eye!

    1. Thank you! As I'm mostly used to painting drabs and browns this was a refreshing change.

  3. That's a great paintjob. Now I have to get the recipient to take the game to our gaming table.

    1. Thanks! Yes, do it. He's played enough with your toys, time for you to play with his toys.


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