onsdag 29 juli 2015

WarColours paints review. In other words, I got new paints!!!

Hi gang. I'm in the middle of vacation, which involves dragging the family around Sweden to various tourists traps. When we're home I'm hoping for bad weather to get some hobby time in, because otherwise I have to paint the house... yep, 1:1 scale painting.

Speaking of paints I have been trying out a new manufacturer named WarColours, based in Cyprus.

Don't you just love trying out new paints?
This new range of paints are supplied in dropper bottles with child-proof caps. The consistency is smooth and they should be suitable for airbrushing as well -- the website claims that but I haven't tried it myself.

onsdag 15 juli 2015

The Empire's Finest apprehend terrorist scum...

I have finally finished another two characters and three stormtroopers for Imperial Assault. I still haven't got a game in, but I have five weeks of vacation coming up in a few days and have managed to buy all the extra figure supplements released so far. Now let's hope it rains a couple of days.

Our heroic troops have spotted terrorist intruders in a medical facility and take action! 
I had devised a plan for painting the stormtroopers quickly, using a white undercoat and a fine diluted black wash. The wash backfired and turned the white armour into grey dullness however, so I had to manually highlight all the armour back up to white.

The cowardly terrorists are caught and soon surrender,
The stormtroopers had quite a lot of mold lines that I had missed when I trimmed and undercoated them. Since the arm and leg armour pieces had some ridged details already I thought the mold lines were part of the design, but the wash showed all too well my errors, so I had to fix those as well.

söndag 12 juli 2015

So long and thanks for all the fish - being a rant of epic length.

(Disclaimer: Some of the pictures on this page is (c) Games Workshop and is used without permission for discussion purposes only. No challenge of copyright is intended.)

I guess it hasn't escaped anybody that Games Workshop are doing a new version of Warhammer. Like Microsoft they have dropped the numbering system (except that Microsoft is counting again, just not correctly) and gone for a brand name instead. Sort of like Ikea.

Funny cause it's true.
But instead of Warhammer Bönkfjordnurpur it's called Warhammer Age of Sigmar and is a big change from the previous version. (If you haven't heard about it, go check it out, the link is above.) Now it has divided the internet gaming community in two halfs, each about as rabid as the other. It's hard to say which group is the largest though, and I don't doubt that GW will sell tons of boxes and call AoS a success.

The new Logo.
First, I understand why GW is doing this. I'm not opposed to change, I'm just opposed to stupidness. And change for change's sake. I think GW are grasping after straws. They need to reinvent themselves. The Hobbit license has failed so miserably that GW didn't even put out a boxed game for the third movie and hardly any models. Most of GW's sales are related to either the hobby in general (paints, etc) or Warhammer 40k. So something needed to be done with Warhammer Fantasy.

Wayland games

Wayland Games