måndag 21 september 2015

Crimson Empire

Well, as I promised earlier, I have now painted my winning Imperial Assault team. It proved to be quite frustrating.

The winning team, in their winning colours.
I used some different techniques mostly because my GW Mephiston Red had dried in the pot. Damn Games Workshop, I almost think they do it on purpose with their crappy paint cans. I have other paints more than a decade old but GW paints seem to last a year at most.

söndag 13 september 2015

Champion of the Force

By chance I happened to participate in a local game night tournament of Imperial Assault. I had only played the game with my kids previously and wanted to try it for real. At the last minute I threw a list together consisting of the Royal Guard Champion and two pairs of Royal Guard (one elite). They are all hard hitting close combat troops with the Royal Guard figures able to support each other when defending. I had five points left so I added an elite Probe Droid for some ranged support. Completely oblivious how command cards worked I selected all cards that had the keywords "brawler" and "guardian" as the Royal Guard and the Champion are both.

The furious six in all their unpainted glory... 
At first I was going to take as many painted figures as possible but that would have been a rebel list with many different characters and probably very hard to play. As it was my first proper game I thought it would be better to keep things simple.

Wayland games

Wayland Games