fredag 23 oktober 2015

Gearing up for Kings of War

Well, after getting the finger from GW in the form of their Age of Shitmar ruleset I have been thinking of other rules to try out. Open Combat seems like a good and well produced skirmish set, but I like to maneuver blocks of troops around as well. Fantasy mods of Saga or Hail Caesar has come to mind, but as I don't play very often I don't want to have to tinker and house rule a lot. I downloaded the free Kings of War rules and they seemed to be what I wanted. Some novel ideas - to me at least - like no figure removal enticed me further and I bought the gamers edition of the rule book. This is without all the background of the hardback book but with complete army lists compared to the free rules.

A unit of Dwarf Shieldbreakers for Kings of War. Why do leaders have to stand in that come at me bro" pose.
I have been playing Dwarfs since Warhammer 3rd edition but Games Workshop essentially killed off my interest in them with their latest army book and figures. Too silly for my taste. I still don't like Mantics bucket-headed dwarfs, but the GW figures are worse IMO. Getting blasted by magic in every game without any effective countermeasures also helped, so I turned to Chaos. But my love for short, hairy things didn't end there, and I continued to buy Dwarf figures from other manufacturers like Avatars of War instead.

torsdag 1 oktober 2015

Tanktober is here!

Well, it just happens to be October 1st, and it just happens that I have painted a tank. So Tanktober it is!

The tank in question partway painted, a Rubicon Panzer IV.
I was really surprised on how easy it was to get this one painted. I think the good details helped a lot. If you are interested you can read my full review of this kit here where I compare it with Warlord Games' Panzer IV kit. Basically, in the picture above all I have done is sprayed it Desert Yellow (with an Army Painter rattle can), washed it all over with my Future/Devlan Mud mix, painted the tracks and other metal parts gunmetal and the rubber tires dark grey. While nowhere near finished in my eyes it does look the part and could be used on the gaming table without anyone lifting an eyebrow.

Wayland games

Wayland Games