tisdag 29 januari 2013

The other side of the fence

I guess everybody has noticed I'm a big fan of Renedra's wargames accessories. I use their different sized bases for most stuff nowadays, from 6mm tanks to 28mm figures. I also like their scenic range and earlier I reviewed their wattle fences which I liked very much. This time I'm taking a closer look at their Wargaming Fences designed by Tim Adcock.

Wargaming fences from Renedra. Two sprues for £6.00

onsdag 16 januari 2013

British infantry painting guide

I promised you guys a painting guide for the Plastic Soldier Company british figures, so here it is. I have been painting british before, but it was a while ago and I took my time more with those, doing layers and highlights and stuff. Here I wanted to explore a faster way of painting the figures in order to produce more finished figures, but still get decent results. In cases like these Army Painter dip is your friend. 

The dip (or QuickShade) is both a varnish and a shade. It contains pigments that will swirl about inside the varnish and settle in the recesses while it dries. The result is gloss however so you need to kill the shine afterwards. I usually wait until a whole bunch is done, then I do their bases and spray them twice with Tamiya Flat Varnish.

måndag 14 januari 2013

Advancing on all fronts!

Two weeks have already passed on the new year. Since it's my goal to update this blog once a week I'm already behind! But I haven't been sitting idle, on the contrary! I have been working on a number of different stuff, snapping pics occasionally for a future blog post, and here I am with two dozens of Work in Progress-pictures... doh!

GHQ SdKfz 11, small but insanely detailed. The base is only 30x20mm.
In the left column you can see I have started a list of painted figures during 2013. So far there's only one item added it to it, a german half-track in 6mm scale shown above. I have even played a game already, but I don't have any pictures of either the finished figure or the game... Double-doh! The game was IABSM, an old scenario of the month called "Two fat ladies -- 88", set in the desert during 1941. It was a blast, everyone had a fun time while being flabbergasted (love that word) by the resilience of Italian troops and tanks at this stage during the war. What about the rest of the stuff I have done then? Well, I'll show you.

onsdag 2 januari 2013

Merry F-ing New Year!

Well... what have we here? A spanking brand new year. The world didn't end in 2012 and we now write 2013, would you look at that. It is with great trepidation I write this blog post, because it's time for the inevitable end of the year review, comparing last years goals to what I actually did. This will be a lengthy post, so go make yourself a cup of coffee or tea and settle down before reading it.

Back? Good. So... how did I do? Did I finish any projects that I started, or did I just start them up and then abandon them? How many new projects did I start contrary to my rigid plans? I honestly don't know, and I'm not sure I dare go and look it up. But I suppose I must... 

Wayland games

Wayland Games