torsdag 27 juni 2013

PSC Stug WIP Progress!

I have been making progress on my PSC StuGs. I managed to find the side skirts which I had placed "somewhere easy to find" -- which of course meant it wasn't. But I digress. I bought three sheets of the GW Kampfgruppe Normandy transfers when they were on sale but of course I can't find them now either. Luckily I managed to find some transfers in an old Esci StuG kit.

The skirts camo pattern and decals done. Now they just need fading and weathering.

The Esci kit had four sets of crosses and different numbers but in the same style. This meant that they were sufficient for all my PSC StugS and I will have one set left for the Esci kit. Eventually it will be the fourth StuG in my unit.

fredag 21 juni 2013

Midsummer's eve surprise

In Sweden everyone is celebrating the midsummer solstice today by dancing naked around a phallic summer idol, consuming alcohol, mushrooms and copulating in the woods. Just like in ancient Viking times.
At least I wish it was so.

In reality we do dance around something vaguely phallic-shaped, although you have to have a dirty imagination to really see it. And while it is a fertility symbol it's mostly for children and everyone have clothes on. Although it is true that a lot of people get drunk and a lot of babies are born nine months from this weekend.

Swedish midsummer according to the germans (sure it's a commercial made for IKEA, but it's made for a german target audience and panders the myths I think):

Swedish midsummer according to the british:

There are some truth in both clips but you have to come here to find out for yourself.

Instead of staying out partying me and my family went to visit my wife's parents today for a quiet dinner instead. There my father in law presented me with a bag of Revell boxes as a nice surprise!

A Stummel! I have been thinking of buying this myself. Now I don't have to!
I have been helping him a bit with his computer. He's a real die-hard computer gamer but he's not so well versed setting everything up, especially not the home network, and occasionally he gets stuck at a point in a game. It's something I gladly do since he's a real nice guy and we both like to play games. Last time I visited I showed him my blog and he was curious -- he's interested in WW2 as well, allthough he doesn't build models -- but I didn't think more of it.

And some troops! Reinforcements are always welcome.
Turns out he wanted to say thanks for all the help. Although it wasn't needed I was genuinely thankful for the gifts. Now I just have to fit these into my current projects... oh dear...

Until next time, have a really nice midsummer.

fredag 14 juni 2013


These three babies have been poorly neglected since January, when I built them and their Universal Carrier brethren. In a bout of sudden guilt-fueled energy I decided to do something about this. A sunny sunday afternoon was spent in the shade furiously mixing and brushing paint on the StuGs while the kids sloshed around in the pool.

Three little Stuggies went to the market...

tisdag 4 juni 2013

Small but beautiful

A couple of weeks a go I finished some british armoured cars from GHQ models, but I haven't had the time to write up a report on them.

Daimler armoured cars armed with 2-pounder guns.
These are 1:285 scale, or 6mm scale. 40k players might recognise it as Epic scale, although GW never wrote out the actual scale. It's more commonly known as microarmour.

Wayland games

Wayland Games