tisdag 29 november 2016

More dipped zombies!

Hi gang!

A quickie, just want to show off more zombies and survivors from The Walking Dead. These were all sprayed white, block painted and then dipped in Army Painter Strong Tone. I will do the blood spatter and gore later on all the zombies together.

Reggie, Amy, Sandra and Carol.

Sandra is a big lady. I don't know if it's intentional or scale creep at work.
Not having read the comic I have no idea what roles they play, but I've tried to follow the painted examples in the rule book. Reggie however didn't feature so I winged it and gave him what I hope looks like a red flannel shirt. I like how the red trainers and socks on Amy came out.

fredag 25 november 2016


As I've mentioned previously, our little gaming group has gotten into Beyond the Gates of Antares.

Or rather... we bought the rules about a year ago and have been slowly collecting figures... but never played the game. Until now! Assembling a 500 point scout force each we gathered at Mats' cat's house (Mats insists he's only the caretaker and pet slave) on Sunday to try this new malarkey.

Tectorist scouts. They use their scanners to point out targets to the other Ghar.
Ghar are bred for war, riding in giant three-legged battlesuits. Failure means you are relegated to outcast status and have to footslog it without the big suit, but still expected to do your bit and die for the Ghar Empire. As I play horde armies in 40k I didn't want another horde army for Gates of Antares, but only using battlesuits means I get few units and few activations, which limits my tactical flexibility (as if I had any tactics).

torsdag 17 november 2016

Mantic actually delivers!

Well, I suppose I owe Mantic Games an apology, as I got a package from them recently.

I got stuff, I got stuff!!!
But first a little digression.

I backed their The Walking Dead: All Out War kickstarter this spring. Right after backing I received the stuff from their Deadzone 2 kickstarter from last year and was very disappointed. My main critique against Mantic's kickstarters have always been two-fold.

Wayland games

Wayland Games