fredag 20 november 2015

Thaw of the Liche Lord unboxing

I got a package from the Dice Bag Lady today which included my Thaw of the Liche Lord loot. It's not as much of an unboxing as it's not a box, it's a book, but it came in a box. You get the idea. More interesting perhaps is that I'm also taking a look at the cultists also released.


onsdag 18 november 2015

Feeling Frosty

I suppose none of you lot has missed this new game called Frostgrave? Well, if you have it came out about a half a year ago from Northstar Military Figures in collaboration with Osprey.

The cover of the rulebook, (c) Osprey Games 2015
Frostgrave is set in an ancient city which was buried in a magical blizzard hundreds of years ago. The city has begun to thaw and you play a Wizard venturing inside the city in search of magical secrets and treasures. You compose a band of followers to accompany you and your apprentice into the city, where you clash with other wizards and the magical inhabitants and monsters already present in the city.

måndag 2 november 2015

Trollololol :-)

Well, while thinking about Kings of War, reading the rulebook and fiddling with an online army generator, I remembered the goblins from the old Battle for Skull Pass box I bought in oh, 2006 or something... If I remembered correctly there would be a fair amount of gobboes in there. A quick google confirmed that yes indeed, there were over 60 goblins, ten spider riders and a troll in the box.

Lots of goodies back then. Sure, everything was monopose, but it was still a decent set of figures.
While the dwarf units are a bit uneven in size, the goblin units are the exact size of Kings of War Regiments. Even the picture on the back of the box puts all the heroes out by themselves like Kings of War instead of inside the units. It didn't take long to enter the units into the army builder and here's what I got:
  • Sharpsticks (Goblin spears)
    Regiment(20) - 95 pts
    Regiment(20) - 95 pts
  • Spitters (Goblin bows)
    Regiment(20) - 85 pts
  • Fleabag Riders (spider riders)
    Troop(5) - 95 pts
    Troop(5) - 95 pts
  • King (Goblin Big Boss) - 90 pts
  • Wiz (Goblin Shaman) - 45 pts
  • Troll Bruiser - 125 pts
A total of 725 points if I split the riders into two troops, which coincidentally is almost the recommended starting points in the KoW rulebook. Just add 25 points of magic items and I'm there.

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