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Avatars of War's Corruptors of Apocalypse

What's in a name? that which we call Nurgle
By any other name would smell as sickly sweet;

(Apologies to the bard for paraphrasing the famous quote from Romeo and Juliet)

A plague on both your houses!

Anyone who's into Warhammer would recognise these figures for they really are, Chaos Warriors, or Chosen of Nurgle to be more precis. Even though Avatars of War claim to have their own game I doubt anyone is using these figures for anything else than Warhammer. A quick look on their page also reveals that they have character figures for War (Khorne), Pestilence (Nurgle) and Torment (Slaanesh). They also have some Marauder characters and a lot of Dwarf, Elf, Daemon, Undead, Orc and Human characters.

Slimey and Gooey.
I have loads of these, both the first pure resin release and the later "restic" release. I haven't done anything with them since they were released though so I decided to finally assemble some as a test. I then painted two of them in between doing US paras and gluing 4Ground houses together.

I'm a model you know what I mean
The figures were basecoated with Tamiya Olive Drab spray, and then Army Painter Necrotic Flesh was sprayed directly from above and from a 45 degree angle, creating highlights.

and I do my little turn on the catwalk
The weapons were stippled with orange, and then the edges of the armour and weapons were picked out with GW Ironbreaker metal. The guts and maggots were painted flesh with some red mixed in onsome of the maggots and part of the intestines. I used a darker flesh for the trophies hanging from their belts. GW Dheneb Stone was used for the loincloths and the Khemri brown was used on the weapon shafts. Finally I picked out the antlers with GW Bleached Bone and Vallejo Saddle Brown for the hair on the chopped off heads.

Yeah on the catwalk, on the catwalk, yeah.

When the paint had dried I dipped the figures in Army Painter Strong Tone, waited 24 hours and sprayed them with Tamiya Flat varnish. As the final touch I dribbled Nurgle's Rot on the intestines hanging out, from the openings on the maggot guy's helmet, and oozing from the many holes in their armour.

I'm not entirely satisfied with the result, but it will do. Perhaps I'll do some of the others in all metal and some in lighter shades of green. It's chaos, it's not meant to be uniform anyway. And maybe I will do a more indepth review later, we'll see.

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  1. Mucho approved :) Paint job on weapons and armour really well executed - nice palette and great overall effect. Hope to see these two bad boys and their thirty-eight equally rotten to the core friends on a gaming table before summer ;-)


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