måndag 7 april 2014

Bridge over troubled water

Small update, between ferverently painting stuff for Gothcon (just shy of two weeks away!)

What do you call the middle of a song? Oh, you've heard that joke.
This is of course the Italeri bridge I previewed earlier. Basecoated, washed and drybrushed in much the same way as the small shrine from last post.

The nice surface detail was brought to life with a Devlan Mud wash
It's quite a large bridge in 1/72 scale, but could work as a smaller foot bridge in 28mm scale, suitable for skirmish games.

30mm "heroic" scale Chaos warriors and 20mm scale paratrooper to demonstrate size.
The road is exactly 8cm wide, allowing these four dwarfs to form up a shield wall.
The chaos warriors on their larger bases have a harder time. Only three abreast will fit the bridge.
So there you have it. The bridge itself was only a few parts and very easy to assemble. Could serve a multitude of battlefields really, although this particular one will be headed for Normandy.

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