onsdag 3 juni 2015

The Might of the Afrika Korps

I have finally got around taking pictures of my Deutsche Afrika Korps force I painted for the easter convention.

Platoon commander, 50mm mortar team, AT rifle team and the platoon sergeant.

To be honest they are not 100% completely finished; when taking the pictures I noticed some stuff I forgot to paint here and there, and the bases really needs a unifying drybrush to tie them together. I have used textured paint from Tamiya and Vallejo and they differ slightly in shade despite both of them being called desert sand. The vehicles could use a dusting with pigments and perhaps a few decals, but by and large I'm calling them table ready. (A proven fact since they have been used on a gaming table!)

The rest of the figures behind the break.

First rifle team of the first squad. The big NCO is a metal Black Tree Design figure, the rest are Perry plastics.
I painted a full platoon for the convention, with some additional support. I have photographed the platoon in groups of six, or a half squad. The squads are identical but I have tried to chose figures that go together well in terms of stance when photographing them.

Second rifle team of the first squad, all Perry's. The middle two and the far right figure are metals.
As the Perry box is organised around three squads of ten men with one machine gun in each squad, while the Chain of Command lists them as three squads of twelve men with two machine guns per squad, I had to buy a few extra figures.
First team of second squad. The two figures on the left and the NCO on the right are Black Tree Design, the rest Perry.
Rather than buying another box I chose the costly option of ordering some packs of metal figures from Perry Miniatures and Black Tree Design. The Black Tree figures are noticable larger, and would go better with Warlord or Artizan Design figures.
Second team of the second squad.The leftmost figure is metal, the rest plastic. All Perry.  I apologise for the repeat poses.
As usual the leaders are mounted on hexagonal bases to make them easily identifiable on the gaming table. The platoon commander and platoon sergeant has slightly larger bases than the squad leaders.

Third squad, both machine guns together. The two right hand figures lying down are plastic, the rest metals.
The Perry plastic box only had lying down machine gunners or the gunners toting the gun on their shoulder, a pose I'm very allergic to. So I converted a kneeling team and one gunner firing from the hip. One of the reasons for buying metal Perrys was to get alternate poses for the machine gun teams, really.

Last of the third squad. All figures are Perry plastics.
Despite being mostly block painted and washed I'm very satisfied with the figures. I wanted a varied colour scheme with both sand and olive coloured uniforms, some items faded and some fresh off the boat.
An MG34 in sustained fire role. The two left figures are plastic while the gun and the three right figures are metal.
Next time the vehicles. Happy gaming!

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  1. Excellent, good to see them presented to the public. And best of all:they have all seen the elephant already. Convention games do wonders for painting discipline.


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