onsdag 17 juni 2015

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrgh! Roowwrrrr... Grrrrf!

[Translation: Let the wookie win.]

Friends, let me introduce the mighty Chewbacca and Gaarkhan, fierce warrior.

In case you didn't get it. Let. The. Wookie. Win.
Well, it had to happen sooner or later. I finally caved in and bought Imperial Assault, Fantasy Flight Games' dungeon crawling skirmish boardgame with a Star Wars theme. I actually had given in some time ago, and started to buy the expansions a couple a time some months ago. I knew I was only prolonging the inevitable and how hard it would be to catch up with all the expansions later, so why not start buying them in advance?

I'm not going to do a full review, other saying that it's awesome! Go out and get it now! If you don't trust me, watch this review by Tom Vassel and Sam Healey on Miami Dice:

More pictures after the break

As you can see the details are excellent. The figures are well cast with little flash or mold lines in a fairly hard plastic. Chewbacca is one of the expansion packs I bought beforehand while Gaarkhan is one of the playable characters in the game.

A comparison of fur tones.
Both wookies were sprayed white and then undercoated with GW Calthan Brown, but while Chewbacca was drybrushed with Khemri Brown, Gaarkhan was drybrushed with Tau Sept Ochre. Chewbacca was then drybrushed with Foundry Coal Grey on certain areas on the fur -- I used promotional movie stills to match his fur pattern. This made the two wookies differ in both fur tones and patterns.

A walking carpet you don't want to upset.
Flesh was used around the mouths and on the underside of the feet and toes. I gave Gaarkhan a black belt and armour to add some variation, while Chewie got his brown leather belt and bag (as he should have) using Foundry Deep Brown Leather. Black was used around the eyes to darken them, as in the movies Peter Mayhew had lots of black make-up around the eyes to disguise the transition to the mask.
"And my axe!" -Sorry, wrong franchise.
Gaarkhan has a more ferocious face baring a lot more teeth, but is a bit smaller than Chewbacca. Both figures were cut away from their bases when painted and mounted on clear acrylic bases from Sally 4th. This way they will not obscure the gorgeous artwork on the gaming tiles.

As you can see the bases make the figures fit in both in Imperial bases and out in the forest of Endor... well as on the dry ground of Tatooine or in some shady smuggler's hideout. 
Even if you managed to match the artwork in the game, the tiles feature several different locations and the only other option would have been to paint the bases in some plain colour like grey.

May the Force be with you.

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  1. The clear bases are clearly the way to go with these (see what I did there). The pics you took of them on the game board really shows the quality of the brushwork on these two.

    1. Thanks Anne. And yes, the clear bases are a real improvement, and well worth the effort.

  2. Resist I must...

    Nice work on the furrrrballs!

    1. I bought it mostly to play with my kids, in campaign mode. But now there's talk about playing skirmish games here at work.

  3. Great paint job on the wookies! and nice ide to use clear bases.

  4. Looking good! When will we see them on our gaming table at Thomas'?

  5. I'm a bit nervous about asking you this, but I was wondering if you could do me a favour. I am putting my toes in WWII. Right now I'm painting up some British Forward Observation Officers from Wayland, then I've got a Vickers crew from Perry.

    I really admire your work on the GWW 8 Kubelwagen in reconnaissance role model and would like to buy it. However, I am utterly clueless on how to go about painting something like that. Would it be possible for you to tell me just what paints you used and what pigments you used. To do something like this I'm going to have to read tutorials on techniques, but having the proper paints and such would be of help.

    Thank you,


    1. Hm, I will try to come up with a blog post on how I paint vehicles. It's a bit of a bummer with the Kubelwagen because I didn't take many WIP photos and I used a lot of the old GW foundation paints for my desert vehicles. But I think I can make a general article describing my methods.

    2. I don't want you to go to too much trouble, but anything you could cobble together would be of great help. But I don't want you to put yourself out and please don't feel pressured. I've to do the two British projects before I begin buying anything German. Also, I'll be off blogger for about a month and while I'm away, I'm going to be doing a lot of reading, looking at painted fig's and searching for tutorials.

    3. There's no trouble, and a good idea for a blog post. But it might take a little while since I'm swamped with "other stuff" this week.


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