onsdag 2 augusti 2017

The Adventures of the Dice Bag Lady in the land of the Vikings.

So Baggy of Bad Squiddo Games decided to have a holiday adventure in Sweden. Of course dice bags are not allowed out of the UK without their herders, so Annie had to come as well. Actually it was Annie who needed a well deserved vacation and decided to pester her customers visit some random internet dudes friends she met online.

For one reason or another almost everyone dropped out, except for the Scandinavian Lardies (that's me, Jocke, Thomas and Koen) -- from now on known as Annie's four Swedesketeers.

Annie Arriving at Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

First stop was at Gårdsjö Älgpark where you can see and pet live moose.

Annie was delighted despite the typical Swedish summer rain.

"Moose Guy" is now Annie's new idol. We figured moose were the next level up from squeepers.
In the evening we had some beer in Uppsala. That's me on the left, and Dave who joined us.
Back at my place Baggy made some new friends. 
Day 2 involved a visit to Gamla Uppsala with it's burial mounds and museum. Dave and his family joined us as well.

Annie enjoying dressin up as a Swedish Housewife...
...and a shieldmaiden (without shield). Kev White, start sculpting!
After all that cultural experiences we needed some lighter entertainment and headed for the legendary Guntherska to teach Annie the finer points of the Swedish fika, complete with cinnamon and cardamom bun tasting.
"Damn good cup of java"
In the evening we went to my friend Ylva for some boardgames. Annie had bought Dobble which was a hit with everyone, including Ylva's son and Dave's son. Personally, while I thought it was fun it caused my brain to melt. We then played Exploding Kittens which was much calmer...

Baggy waiting for the train to Stockholm.
Day 3 we had to get up early to catch the train to Stockholm where we would board Waxholm III, a 109 year old passenger ship to take us on a cruise through the archipelago.
Reading up on the cruise.

Baggy charmed his way on to the bridge where he got to help the captain steer the ship.
He even got his own name tag!
Part of the ship, part of the crew.
Looking for the rum storage Baggy then snuck into the engine room!

The cruise would take us on an 11 hour trip through the archipelago, stopping at a couple of islands. We managed to wave and toot at Jocke when we passed his summer cottage. Annie was very much impressed with the archipelago and the looks of all the small wind blasted islands consisting of mostly rock with some trees on. Annie suggested that I should model the Stockholm Archipelago for Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago that's being released soon. Damn that woman, now I can't get rid of the idea of skirmishing adventurers in the Stockholm archipelago instead of a more tropical setting. 

Waxholm III at the Bullerö island where we stopped to explore.

While Annie stalked some sheep I stalked her...

We discovered Orange Slush. Apparently it doesn't exist in Britain.
Being sensible adults we couldn't resist this photo op.
After those three days it was time to hand Annie over to Jocke. Finally I just want to show some of the gifts Annie brought me.

Bad squiddo notepads and tattoos for my kids and Welsh cake for me. It was delicious.

Best of all I got some pre-release samples from the latest Kickstarter. Love these two kids. Now why do they look familiar?
It was an amazing three days, I hope Annie thinks so too. To reward those of you who has had the patience to read this far, Annie has a code that will give you free shipping while she's away, if you want to order something.

Happy gaming!

8 kommentarer:

  1. Glad you had such a good time. Annie needs the R&R.

    1. Yes, she surely does. Hope we didn't wear her out with too much to do. The cruise is very relaxing though.

  2. Long overdue for another holiday to Sweden. Lovely people and lovely place. Thanks for your report.

  3. Looks like a great time was had!

    Although, I thought European Moose were called "Elk"? (Europe lacking the beast we call Elk here in NA)

    1. I honestly don't know the difference. In Sweden they are called "Älg" which seems to be closer to "Elk" linguistically. So you are probably right.


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