torsdag 31 december 2015

Last Ditch Painting of 2015

...bring on 2016! But first, I had to finish a least some of the figures that I had lying about. These Imperial Assault figures were started months ago but somehow I got bored and painted other stuff. (Story of my life, basically.)

Three Imperial Officers...

...and three Rebel Troopers.
More pictures after the break.

The faces were not the greatest sculpts and were marred by mold lines. I did the best I could but didn't bother with eyes.
The pointy hand is a bit too large I think. Not the greatest pose either.
I decided to paint one of the officers black, which means he is a Stormtrooper officer, not just a naval officer. Since in the Imperial Assault one of the cards included is for an Elite Officer this way he stands out from the other two. Too bad Fantasy Flight hasn't done any basic troopers for them to command. The finicky little gun the figures are holding is a BlasTech SE-14C blaster pistol, the same as Dr. Evazan had in the Cantina scene. No Imperials ever used one in any of the movies, but there are promotional photos of a Stormtrooper aiming one in various reference books, which only shows that the guys doing the promotional photos didn't know what they were doing.

The Rebel troopers are at least firing their guns.
I hate shading black almost as much as white, but the vests came out ok.
(The speck of paint on the right guy's boot has now been removed).
The rebel troopers are much better sculpts. Action packed aiming their weapons the faces are great and almost no mold lines. Hands seem to be in size with the rest of the body and head. They even have the correct weapon, a BlasTech DH-17 Blaster Pistol. (I guess BlasTech is the Browning of the Star Wars universe, or perhaps the Schmeisser?). Strange enough the lowly Rebel Trooper wasn't in any of my visual dictionaries, so I had to use a lot of cosplay photos for reference.

I couldn't resist painting the eyes on these guys...
If you are wondering why the bases are unpainted, it's because I will be putting these figures on clear acrylic bases. However I need to varnish them first (otherwise the clear bases turn frosted), which I can't do as long as there is cold weather outside.

Size comparison. The Rebel seems a bit bulkier, perhaps the Death Star restaurant isn't any good?
Happy New Year, and may the Force be with You. Always.

10 kommentarer:

  1. They look great! Very nicely done.

  2. Great models to conclude the year!
    Happy New Year and may 2016 convert your wishes into reality

    1. Thank you Anibal. Your blog is a great inspiration. 2016 will be interesting, for sure.

  3. Nice work, particularly on those rebel troopers.

    happy new year!

  4. Nice job on these Leif. I loved the break!

  5. Lovely figs!
    I to have got the Imperial Assault boardgame now!

  6. Looking good and I hope to see them in the flesh (plastic...) in a game soon
    Gott nytt år!

    1. We'll have to do an Imperial Assault skirmish day soon.


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