onsdag 6 maj 2015

Reinforcements with a Surprise

I got a raise at work, retroactively six months back, so I decided to splurge on some toys from Warlord Games. I originally intended to buy a Sarissa Precision mansion in MDF, but it was out of stock, so I just randomly added stuff to the basket until I felt content. Well, not entirely random, but almost, since my original plan was foiled.

Weeee, lots of goodies!!!!
Let's take a closer look at what I got, shall we?

Ok, let's do the surprise first.
Ok, what's this? Terminator Gen-i-sys???? 
Warlord will be distributing Allessio Cavatore's new game based on the upcoming new Terminator movie, and they plonked a sprue of terminators in every order last week. Nice, if I ever need a couple of killer robots.

Actually, there's two and a half of them...
Assembly is straight forward, almost push fit. Some glue will be needed to keep them together, but not much. The crawler is a nice inclusion. The plastic is actually silver coloured, so a black wash and red eyes and they are done.

 Onto the real stuff!
Some useful figures. Useful for exactly what, I don't know though.
Next up is the pack "Guarding the Chateau" with a smoking guard, a suspicious Feldpolizei, a scientist or party member (depending on how you paint him) and a Gestapo agent. To accompany them I bought a propagandakompanie cameraman. I'm not entirely sure what I should do with them, but if I ever run a pulp scenario or one involving a commando raid on a secret research lab they will come in handy.

Stowage and decals, useful but boring stuff.
You always need stowage to make vehicles look more realistic and lived-in, but it's always in short supply. I also tend to forget to order any extras, but not this time. I ordered their general rolls and packs kit as well as their German Stowage kit. The german stowage includes different kinds of spare wheels and tracks (Panther, Tiger and Panzer IV I think they are), some ammo boxes and then helmets and breadbags. To top it off I ordered a sheet of Afrika Korps transfers and a sheet of Desert Rat transfers, with that elusive stag's head that I need if when I buy more Cromwells.

The Stug Zug. But what is peeking out between all those assault guns?
The biggest bit of my order, making up almost half of the cost, was the Stug Zug. Or Assault gun platoon. This is a box of Warlord Games newest vehicle; a Sturmgeschutz III made in collaboration with Italeri. It's 1/56 scale hard plastic fast build, naturally, and you get three of them in the box. What's more is that you get a sprue of their new Panzergrenadiers, which was something I was curious about but I didn't want to buy a whole box since I already have a platoon of late war Germans from the Assault Group.

The new Panzergrenadiers. Is that a base on the sprue?
The sprue features six bodies of which one is kneeling -- nobody lying down, hooray! A plethora of heads, weapons and personal gear is also included. It's the usual late war mix of rifles, assault rifles, MG-42's, panzerfausts and grenades. Some of the parts like the grenade throwing arm and the ammo belt are identical to parts on earlier sets, but still useful though. I feel a bit cheated by the base included on the sprue, surely that space could have been better used?

The kneeling body and one of the standing ones. Note the spare barrel case and the panzerfaust.
What's interesting is the mix of uniforms included. Two of the bodies have Zeltbahn ponchos -- which is camouflaged tent parts that could be worn as a rain cape. One of the bodies have the late war short jacket inspired by the British battle dress. Incidentally, it's this jacket that my Assault Group Germans are wearing. (The Zeltbahn bodies could also be wearing it underneath the poncho though.)

British style short jacket on the righ hand body. I'm not sure what's up with the socks on the left body though.
Also included on the sprue is the case for a spare machine gun barrell -- finally someone has thought to include this essential piece of equipment. I will be using these figures flesh out the platoon I already have by making specialist figures out of them. I will have to look and see what I need first though.

Last is a box of Combat Engineers. I have a lot of things to say about it, some good and some bad, so I will save that one for a proper review. My main problem right now is that I don't know what to build first!

Oh right, I have a DAK Hanomag to finish first. Happy gaming!

8 kommentarer:

  1. Hurray for retroactive raises. Sort of hard to tell from the sprue but are there really only 3 rifles for 6 guys? Very "Hollywood" German where everyone has a machine gun...

    1. It's a little bit better than that.
      You get three pairs of arms holding rifles: two mausers and one Walter g43.
      Then you get two loose rifles, one mauser and one Walter, so five total.
      You get two pairs of arms holding sturmgehwers, and one loose, so three of those.
      You also get two loose MP40 and one Ppsh.
      One carried mg42 and one loose.
      One pair of arms firing a panzerfaust and one loose.

  2. Sure but you can not arm all six with rifles... For pulp type games or using for non-historical purposes it seems fine but if you are supposed to have 8-10 guys with 1-2 machine guns and the rest rifles... Not very easy with this kit. (Unless you convert the assault rifle arms to hold rifles)

    1. Well... you do get empty arms so you can build five out of six with rifles which actually allows you to build a correct squad from two sprues... but I get your point. Especially with that base included I feel they could have put in another rifle and perhaps some more ammo boxes for the MG instead.

  3. That's a pretty decent sized congratulatory package for your raise :) That Guarding the Chateau set is great. Got them myself for some Commando themed scenarios. And nice extras as well just to add some bystanders to the battlefield.

    1. Yeah, the chateau pack is great. I just had to have it. I think I failed my Willpower roll completely when ordering :-)

  4. A n ice little box of goodies.
    I like the idea of you thinking about Pulp games... Hold that thought...

    1. I'm holding it. Documenting it with my propagandakompanie cameraman even.


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