torsdag 29 januari 2015

Perry Miniatures DAK Kübelwagen Review and WIP

I decided to shape up and actually start painting some stuff for this years convention game, so I turned my attention to Perry Miniatures' Kubelwagen in recce role. For those who didn't know, the Kübelwagen was the German equivalent of the Jeep and also the first Volkswagen model.

The little kübel and it's crew.

The kübelwagen was used on all fronts both as personnel transport and as a reconnaissance vehicle. It could go as fast as 80 km/h and had good cross country performance even though it didn't have four-wheel drive. Some 50.000 were built during the war, and even an amphibious version called Schwimmwagen was made.

You can see the rough texture and flash on this picture.
The model looks the part, capturing the particular shape of the kübel. The model is mostly a one piece resin affair, only the windshield and folded roof are separate metal parts. Also included are three crew which is nice, and some stowage along with two jerry cans, a tropical helmet, a mauser rifle and an MP40 to further customise it. (All these items are separate though) The crew are all individual sculpts in lifelike and realistic poses, but I feel the stowage could be more thought out. We get some weapons and two helmets, yet all the crew are wearing their helmets. A couple of water bottles and gasmask cases would have been better.

"Hans, I vant to go zat vay!"
I feel that the model would have benefited having more separate metal parts, the wheels and shovel for example could gain a lot by being separate. Now the details of those are a bit bland and the shovel is misshapen and I fear the handle is going to break off any time. The headlights and notek light are also parts that could have been better detailed if they were separate items. The cast is relatively good but with some flash and a bit of a rough texture here and there.

"I'll race you to Tobruk!"
It looks a bit on the small side, but on the other hand the kübel was a small vehicle, so I think it's ok scalewise. It's always hard with vehicles for 28mm figures because they are bulkier than regular people. The two gerry cans though look a tad bit overscale, I suspect that they simply copied some 1:48 bits. If you compare it to the Warlord kübelwagen the Perry model is slightly more expensive (£15.50 vs £14.00) but as you only get a driver with the Warlord model I think the Perry one is a better buy.

I'm a bit hesitant about how to rate this one. I like the sculpt and the fact that you get three crew figures is a plus. On the other hand I feel that the quality of the sculpt is let down a bit by the cast, both the metal and resin were not top quality really. I was surprised by this because Perry Miniatures WW2 range is quite recent, so the molds should still be ok.

I give Perry Miniatures' Kübelwagen 3 out of 5 stars.

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