söndag 9 november 2014

Dear (secret) Santa

This year I signed up for the "Secret Santa" that Ian of The Blog with No Name is arranging. Basically you are buying a christmas present for another blogger while someone (you don't know who) is buying one for you. A sure way of getting at least one games related pressie :-)

So, dear Secret Santa, here is my wish list.
  • WW2 in 28mm: anything British or German that can fit either North Africa, France 1940 or 1944, or Operation SeeLöwe.
  • WW2 in 20mm: almost anything for western or eastern fronts, anytime. Yes I'm a WW2 whore, and I can't keep faithful to one scale either.
  • Wild West in 28mm: I have a friend who plays Dead Man's Hand. I'm thinking of slowly building a gang so interesting characters are of interest (they can also be used in Shadows of Brimstone as alternative heroes).
  • Fantasy in 28mm. I love dwarves. Anything that would fit with old GW or Marauder Miniatures dwarves from 3rd edition is welcome, but other stuff like orcs, goblins or oddballs that can be used in skirmish or roleplaying games are welcome. (Avoid current GW models as they are overpriced and look like crap.)
  • I like building terrain, so any terrain items that can be used with the above is good.
Got that?

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