onsdag 14 maj 2014

What goes around comes around... the Return of the Liebster Award!!!

In november 2012 I got a Liebster Award. It's a blog chain thingie to get bloggers to promote the blogs they like, spreading the love around. As with all chain letters it takes on a life on it's own after a while. So now it has mutated a little bit since I last got it and I'm thinking it's reason enough to make the effort once more.

This time I was nominated by  of the Wargames and Walking blog.

The Liebster is a nomination for Blogs you follow and enjoy and the idea is you nominate some one then they do the same spreading the word about these great blogs.

Heres how you do it:

Copy and paste a link to the blogger who gave it you

pass the award to blogs you like ideally between 5&10 which have less than 200 followers and leave them a comment on one of their posts to notify them you have given them an award

You do not have to pass it on and if you only follow 1 or 2 blogs don't worry give it to them

Now the fun bit ,state 10 truths about your self

Choose 11 questions your self

Answer the 11 questions sent by the nominee

So 10 truths about me:

  1. I am half-Greek, half-Swedish, 100% nerd, 100% geek. I guess that makes me 300% human!
  2. I own the first edition of Warhammer...
  3. ...but didn't start playing until second edition... 
  4. ...while I think the World in the third edition of Warhammer is the best version.
  5. I wrote a short adventure for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay that was published in the Dying of the Light anthology.
  6. I have tried to watch the first Twilight movie twice, but failed both times when the sparkling started.
  7. I'm a sucker for romantic dramas as long as they are well-written and have a good cast.
  8. I hate romantic comedies. Except for Bridget Jones diary, that one is ok.
  9. I can't paint quickly. If I don't do the dip method I try to do layering and details even on 6mm figures.
  10. I'm allergic to stupid people.
...and the 11 questions posed:
  1. Why did you start Blogging?
    I originally started this blog to keep tabs on my painting; photographing what I had achieved and listing what colours I used, as a means of remembering how I painted what. Also to spur me on and motivate me. After a while I found out I had some international followers and switched from writing in Swedish to English.
  2. If you could change one thing about the wargaming hobby what would it be?
    The tournament scene. Game development is too focused on the competitive aspects of the hobby, leading to power creep and strange terminology such as "teams" and "match" instead of "armies" and "battle".
  3. What is best in life?
    Crushing your enemies before you, hearing the lamentation of their women. Or friends and family.
  4. Do you want to live forever?
    No, but I do not want to die either. Maybe I'll build myself a cocoon.
  5. Fame or Fortune?
    Fortune. With fame comes obnoxious people.
  6. What is your worst habit?
    Not finishing stuff I have started. 
  7. One activity you want to do but never got round to it? 
    Get a pilot's license. I love flying.
  8. Star Trek or Star Wars?
    Stupid question. May the Force be with you. Always.
  9. If you had to buy from just one miniature company from now on which would it be?
    Holy crap!!! That's a tough one. I would say Perry Miniatures because of their lovely plastics and because I have always liked the Perry twins' sculpts.
  10. Favourite Holiday destination?
    Greece for the weather and the food, or London for the shopping and museums. But I would love to go to France and see all the famous WW2 places.
  11.  What is your favourite Book/Film character and why?
    That one is mean, but I will try.
    For books it would have to be Gimli from Lord of the Rings. Because I have always had a fondness of short and beardy ax-maniacs and he's the epitome of dwarviness. But only the book character.
    For films I would have to go with Princess Leia. Not in her gold bikini but in her white robes with cinnamon bun hair and the hold out blaster. Matching Han Solo in cockiness and holding her own against Grand Moff Tarkin while outshooting Stormtroopers and farm boys.
So time for nominations. Without further ado, here they are:
  • My mate Jocke at the Miniatures Man blog, who gave me the award the first time. He's got fantasy, wild west and WW2 figures on his painting table.
  • Steve at he Eldritch Epistles, for his love and showcasing of classic Citadel Miniatures.
  • Orlygg of the Realm of Chaos 80's blog. He's got some marvellous interviews with old GW and Citadel designers and writers, providing an insight into Games Workshop during it's glory days.
  • Model Dad of Model Dads. Because he's a Dad like me, likes models like me, and WW2, like me. Oh and because he's got a rather spiffing blog and does the occasional lovely Youtube review.
  • Last but not least, Thomas of the Learning by doing blog. Because you are not getting away Thomas, no you're not!
Please answer the same questions I got people, I'm too lazy to come up with new ones.

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  1. Thank you for the award.... I think... or... argh... :-)
    I have some thinking to do...

  2. Cheers for the nomination, much appreciated!

  3. Some great answers there!! I can't stand "Twilight" either...!


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