tisdag 2 december 2014

Dipping disasters! Secret Santa Surprises! Tentacle Terror!

So the end of the year is coming and I'm desperately trying to finish all those nearly-there figures. Last night I was putting the finishing touches to a bunch of Perry's Desert Rats that I started just befor summer but have been virtually untouched for six months.

As the previous Desert Rats had been painted using Army Painter Dip I decided to try dipping the Stranglers from Shadows of Brimstone too. When I opened the can I noticed that a thick crust had formed on the dip, apparently I had not closed the lid properly. Getting rid of the hardened layer I stirred the dip, noticing it had thickened quite a lot. Using an old wash brush I dabbed it onto the first Perry figure. It went on ok but a bit thick, and as it wasn't as runny as normal it didn't really flow into all the crevices. Using the brush I managed to smear it around so it looked ok.

I decided to try and dilute what was left of the dip and tried first Thinner, but it didn't mix properly. I then figured I could try Future Floor polish (that I have been using when making my own dip) and first it looked like it would work. I didn't dare try it on one of the beautiful Perry figures, instead I gunked it onto a Strangler.

The ugly, the ugly and the ugly.
As you can see from the pictures it didn't work as well. While the dip was a bit less thick, the paint itself glooped together inside the varnish/dip mixture and didn't flow at all. The middle figure in the picture above was the first try. Not perturbed by the horrific result I tried again, this time wiping most of the gunk away with a cloth moistened with thinner. Slightly better result on (on the right) except that the thinner took off the base coat as well in some places. I gave up and binned the can of Army Painter and mixed my own wash, which I used on the left strangler.

So what happened to the Perry figures?

As I mentioned I mixed up some of my own dip; I took a quarter full pot of Devlan Mud and added Future Floor polish until it was about three quarters full. I then added Vallejo Burnt Umber wash (which is about the same as Devlan Mud) since I thought the mixture was too light on colour. This was brushed heavily onto all the figures allowing it to flow into all the nooks and crannies. After 24 hours it was dry, shading and protecting the figures at the same time just as Army Painter. Future is gloss so the figures have a slight sheen to them. (I will flat varnish them later when the weather permits.)

2 inch mortar team

A couple of Riflemen

The pack on the left guys hip is a Green Stuff bag cast using Instamold.
A Bren Gun team on the move. The left figure was the one that got the Army Painter dip.

The backpacks are from the Tamiya 1/48 British Infantry set.
As you can see from the pictures above my own dip worked a treat. The only downside is because it's not as thick as Army Painter it pools more easily. The Army Painter guy also worked out ok, although he's a bit darker than the rest of the bunch. I have to redo the stranglers though. Bummer.

On another note, when I got home from work on friday there was a package in the mail box from Warlord Games. Strange, I thought, I hadn't ordered anything from them. It turned out it was my Secret Santa gift, as the initials S.S. was in my name. I didn't open it of course, although I'm quite curious. Thank You Secret Santa, whoever you are.

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  1. Been in that same situation, I dipped some Fantasy Undead in Minwax and sealed the can up, went back to do more and the stuff was way thick. I stirred it and added some water thinking it would be, yea once the stuff breaks down when in contact with air it is worthless. I do the same thing as you water, future floor and inks/washes to get the results I want. Plus I like the future floor as it seals the model making the paint job tougher to table use and still accepts paint later.

    Sounds like you should have a cool Christmas then when you open that package. Been following the other blogs hearing where their packages are showing and from what companies. So far, you sound like an early bird....

    1. Yes I was a bit surprised that it turned up so early. I don't know how I will cope with the wait...

      Regards Future floor polish it's brilliant, but I'm a bit concerned about when I run out because it's hard to get in Sweden. It isn't called future but sold under other brand names so there's a fair amount of detective work getting hold of a bottle. I still got more than half though so it should last for a while.

      I wonder if it is better to mix with real paint instead of washes. Have to do more experimenting.

    2. They changed the name in the US also, I think Pledge owns the product formula now and has a different name. Worst case you should be able to find something similar. I still have an old bottle half full also.

    3. Yeah, the bottle I have is named Johnson's Klar Polish. "Klar" means "clear" but above the name is a small label saying "Pledge".

  2. Good looking Brit troops. I had the same experience with Army painter dip. Ruined over a half of a can. I took Ray's advice and am using a Windsor and Newton Ink. I really like it so far.

    1. Are you using only Windsor and Newton ink, or do you mix it with something?

    2. I am thinning it with water. Straight out of the pot, it seems way to dark to me.

  3. Thanks for this cautionary tale. I have a can of Army Painter Dip, but I regard it with the greatest of suspicion, thought perhaps reading this I should use it before I lose it.
    Pity about your Stranglers. I really like the look of your Desert Rats, nicely done.

    1. Thanks Padre.

      I think the issue with the Army Painter dip is that a lot of gunk is collected on the lid and on the inside rim of the can, which makes it hard to get an airtight seal when you shut it. If your can is unopened I think it's allright. But I'm not buying another can unless I have a really large project that is all ready for dipping.


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