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Timeline Miniatures 28mm Normandy Farmhouse Ruin

In my last post I reviewed the Timeline Miniatures 28mm buildings. However, I didn't have time to build both houses. So without further ado, here's the building (pun intended) of Timeline Miniatures 28mm Normandy Farmhouse Ruin.

The Normandy Farmhouse ruin costs double the amount of the other ruin but contains many more parts.

End wall, upper floor, chimney pots and various debris.

Inner walls and remains of a chimney stack.
Two side walls and roof parts.

Rafters on the left, doors, windows and window shutters on the right.

Base with floor planks, chimney stack and small end wall.
As you can see from the photos above this ruin is more advanced than the first ruin I built. It has an upper floor and is supplied with both windor shutters and doors -- although the internal doors are just featureless rectangles. All the small bits looking like loose bricks are actually leftover bits from the window shutters, but I will use them to add interest to the ruins. They are also the reason I'm assembling the kit inside a box lid, I don't want to loose them to the bit-eating floor monster a.k.a. the vacuum cleaner.

First the inner walls are mounted on the base.

Adding the outside walls... wall...

...the final outer wall and chimneys.

The remnanst of the second floor and its inner walls are added.
The second floor can be left unglued to facilitate the placing of figures on the bottom floor.

The roof and rafters are added. I glued these in place.

Final details are added. I sprinkled some debris on the ruin for the photo, but didn't glue them.
And the other side. I will probably glue individual tiles on the roof.
Assembly was fairly straight forward. The instructions tell you to add windows and shutters before the roof, which I totally ignored to my own dismay. The windows are glued from the inside which was a bit tricky with the roof on. Placing figures inside shouldn't be a problem, gluing a flimsy window frame on the farthest wall definitely was.

Time for the obligatory size comparison pictures!

An Italeri 1:56 scale Panther using the ruin for cover.
Together with the first ruin. The Normandy Farmhouse is equally wide, but a little bit longer. (And higher.)

Excuse me! Can someone bring me the PIAT please? I'm in a bit of a pinch here, chaps.

The Panther on the prowl in a ruined village.
And there you have it. At a mere £12 the Normandy Farmhouse is very good value for your money.

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  1. Very interesting post - I want one!

    1. Then go buy one! Get together with a couple of mates and you'll reach the post free limit soon enough.

  2. Great looking kit, thanks again for the review.

    1. You are welcome. I enjoy reviewing stuff I like, spreading the gospel.

  3. Well laid out and informative post. Are they available in 20mm?

    1. Yes they are!


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