onsdag 31 december 2014

Last ditch of 2014 painting part 2 -- A thrilling triple trio.

So, the last day of 2014, and the last chance to accomplish something. Some of these were finished some time ago but lacked basing, or just one splash of colour or... well, the days since Christmas I have really tried to finish as much stuff as possible. What I really wanted to do was to paint my Secret Santa panzer IV, or start building the Stompa I bought for the Christmas money I got from my mum.

Can't wait to build this bad boy for my orks. Question is... Zimmerit or no Zimmerit?

So today comes a mixed bag of stuff really. Pictures after the break as usual.

We start with a quartet of heroes from Shadows of Brimstone. (I lied about the trio.)

A Mexican Bandido, a Preacher, a Gunslinger and  a US Marshal. 
 I had a really hard time painting these. I have no idea what kind of colours people wore in the Wild West, but I wanted to avoid them all turning out similar. I think I got there even though I painted the US Marshal like Lucky Luke... There's some nice sculpting on these figures, unfortunately the molding process has ruined some of it. The preacher for example had almost no facial features, while the other three figures were better in that aspect. On the Bandido it was hard to tell what exactly was part of his sash and what wasn't. The gunslinger and marshal was relatively good though. I will be mounting these on clear bases later, that's why I haven't done the bases now.

I wonder if the preacher has some holy handgrenades in that satchel?

We continue with three late war Germans from The Assault Group.

"Achtung! Schnell! Raus! Feuer Frei!" and other words I have learned from war movies.
These are sculpted by the talented Richard Ansell (who has done some of the old Bolt Action range and the TooFatLardie special figures) and wear the late war short jacket inspired by the British battledress. Other than that they wear standard german equipment. I bought three squad packs of random mixed figures during their November promotion, and couldn't resist painting three of them right away. They have lain unbased until now though.

Quite good, dynamic poses even though they are similar.
I will end with more WW2, a British Vickers team from Crusader Miniatures.

"I say old sport, you may open fire it it's not too much of a hassle. There's a good fellow. Tally-ho."
I have painted them the same as my other brits but I used Coat d'Arms Putrid Green as the final highlight on the webbing. And I didn't bother painting the eyes on them.

For some reason the previous picture was blurry, while this was in focus but the colours were all yellowy. Damn camera.
Putrid green gives a paler look to the webbing while still being green.
And that's that.


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  1. Gott nytt år, Laffe!
    I like the Brimstone-figures a lot. I think they turned out very well.


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