söndag 23 november 2014

Night Terrors from Shadows of Brimstone

I have been slaving away here and there on the Brimstone figures. They key I think is not to see them as wonderful miniatures or models, but as boardgame pieces. Nicely sculpted, 3D boardgame pieces, but boardgame pieces nevertheless. This way you can gloss over the somewhat vague details and large mold lines on some of the models.

All the miniatures from the two boxes in various stages of painting.
I still try to do my best and yes, the biggest gaps need to be filled. But I have no intention of re-sculpting details that have been marred by mold lines. On the Night Terrors I filled in the worst spots with milliput, namely around the groin and neck, doing my best to match the fur texture.

The Night Terror before painting, the worst gaps have been filled with milliput.

I also tried my hand at converting one of the three Night Terrors to get some variation, you will see the finished model at the end of this post.
I was a bit hesitant about how I would paint the Night Terrors. They look like Yetis or snowmen, and they come in the City of the Ancients game with the snow covered ruins so painting them white kind of fits. But they come at night, mostly, so painting them dark makes more sense.


Dry brush


Do the teeth, eyes and claws with white.

...and finish the eyes.

As I mentioned previously I treated these as boardgame pieces, so no fancy paint jobs, just a plain basecoat-drybrush-wash job to bring out the details. I did go back and re-highlighted the ears, top of the heads and the scales (or whatever they are?) on the back to bring them out a bit. Pure white claws and teeth makes them pop, but I wanted the eyes to be cat like so I painted them yellow with black slit pupils.

All in favour raise their hand.

As you can see I painted all three of them slightly different. The first got a blue wash instead of black, but I didn't think it was dark enough so the next one got a black wash. It dulled the colours back a bit too much so it's more grey than blue. So the last one got a fifty-fifty mix of black wash and Future polish, to aid the black settling only in the deepest recesses. (It's the same effect as Army Painter dip really.) That's why the last one is all shiny and glossy. As boardgame pieces I also left the bases bare -- I am contemplating ordering the nice translucent bases that my mate Jocke uses.

The Night Terror is a bit upset that the Bandido will get a better paint job.
Of course I will put more effort into the character figures, but I think the monster figures only need simple paint jobs. So what do you think? 

7 kommentarer:

  1. I agree with your idea and your carry through is good.


  2. I'm also contemplating going for a darker look. Still haven't decided, though. I have to green-stuff mine first...

  3. Very, very nice. I'd suggest putting a wash of some kind on the "toe-nails" to represent the fact that they are running around barefoot so to speak.

    1. Maybe they have a high notion of cleanliness, just like cats? Have you seen a cat with dirty claws? (Oh allright, maybe a light devlan mud wash then.)

  4. Nice job Leif. Something different all right.


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