tisdag 2 februari 2016

Monday MDF Madness

(Well, it's still Monday somewhere in the world...)

So I recently happened to aquire a couple of small MDF kits, but I hadn't had time to build any of them.

An Upright Piano from 4Ground and a nice little Village Fountain from Sarissa Precision.
I decided to build the Piano first.

All the parts for the piano. 

Starting with the stool, It's tiny! All those blobs of glue will disappear when it dries though.

Some of the sheets were a bit warped or bent, so the keys needed pressure while drying...

...and dry. All good.

The sides also needed some pressure. Note I have fixed part I in this step contrary to the instructions.

Front pieces glued in place. More pressure needed.

The outer sides and backpiece hides all the ugly joins. And needs pressure, you guessed it.

And last of all the lid. Which was bent as a banana and needed pressure.

The finished instrument is liberated by a German soldier.
Although the kit was a bit fiddly and the piano is quite petite, it was pretty straight forward to assemble. The end result is certainly worth the effort.It was about time I aquired this essential piece of WW2 terrain; every modern war film has a piano in it it seems.

Happy gaming!

13 kommentarer:

  1. Lots of work involved as I see.
    The final model looks good but I'm not sure it's worth all that effort
    This confirms my reluctance to use MDF based models

    1. 4Ground are the best and the worst; their models are the most complicated with double layers of thin MDF. Usually the other brands use single layers of thicker MDF, which doesn't warp and makes them easier to assemble.

  2. You are mad Leif! Quality work mate! I am impressed.

  3. Looks lovely, but where on the road to Alamein will that fit in?

    1. Casablance, Thomas! "Play it again, Sam!"
      And otherwise once we start our 28mm Normandy project (see Band of Brothers, ep 3 Carentan)


    2. Or if we play "Ice Cold in Alex" I'm sure there's a piano at the bar.

  4. Nice work, Laffe. Not sure I'd have the patience (or the skill...).

    1. The secret is working on the fountain in between... and being mad.

  5. Nice work! Pianos fit in everywhere, so it can be used in all sorts of games.

  6. Beautiful piano. I'll get over to 4Ground and get one.

  7. Nice
    The 4Ground kits are fiddly. I know from experience... but results are usually great


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