söndag 24 januari 2016

Two duros and a bothan walk into a bar

I can't be arsed to do a summary of 2015, I suspect I diverged from plan a lot, but the final tally is nevertheless quite impressive, at least by my standards. I painted solely 28mm figures this year, and I focused heavily on WW2. Still, some 40k and a lot of Star Wars models sneaked in there, and I even painted some Gates of Antares figures.

In total I painted seventeen fantasy figures and one monster, 43 WW2 figures, as well as five vehicles, four terrain pieces and two buildings, (I never put the last one up on the blog), and lastly 32 sci/fi figures of various sorts... that's almost a hundred figures. Not bad.

Roll on 2016! I started these figures sometime last year, can't really remember, but they proved a bit more complex to paint than I imagined so I switched to easier figures. But now their time had come.

A couple of rebel saboteurs.

These are of course for Imperial Assault from Fantasy Flight Games.

The contents of the pack, picture from Fantasy Flight Games
Being rebel saboteurs they could be any species really and not necessarily Duros -- however I see the point of keeping things easy recognisable in a tournament game. Yet to reflect the multitude of equipment they bring they have the ability to adjust their attacks in-game depending on their target and I wanted to show that ability on the figures. So I procured an extra copy of  Mak Eshka'rey, one of the characters in the base game and performed a simple head swap.

I used Instamold to make a green stuff copy of the backpack.
Speaking of Mak Eshka'rey I have painted him as well.

Mak Eshka'rey is an effective long range fighter in Imperial Assault.
I wanted the figures' colour schemes to tie into eachother without being painted the exact same. So I painted the saboteurs' backpacks and webbings the same colour as Mak's clothes. Otherwise I tried to follow the illustrations as close as possible.

Nice mane.
Mak is  Bothan, as in "Many Bothans died to bring you these plans". While most of us probably assumed Bothans were just humans when we saw Return of the Jedi, Bothans are a lion-esque species of humanoids, slightly shorter than regular humans. However, the figure looks almost like a goat and my sons immediately named him "Goat-man".

Comparison shot.
The conversion from Bothan to Duros was simple enough; cut off one head, glue another one in place. I did build up the trousers with green stuff a bit to hide the knee pads and shaved off the fur on the arms. I also made a collar out of green stuff to match the collar on the regular saboteur and hide the neck join. Oh, and I painted the skin blue of course.

As with the last figures of 2015 I haven't done anything about the bases, since I will mount the figures on clear bases. I need to varnish them first though, which I can't do as long as it's freezing here in Sweden.

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  1. Lovely conversion... great work!

  2. Nice painting work and beautiful conversion


  3. Very nice! These guys are high on the list once I finish painting the base set and start buying new stuff.

    1. Yeah, they can be quite effective in the game too. And it's nice to see different species, it's Star Wars after all.

  4. Great work Leif!I love the hair mate.

  5. I think it is time for a game of Imperial Assault...
    Great job!


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