tisdag 2 februari 2016

More MDF Madness

...or should that be Moar MDF Madness?

An Upright Piano from 4Ground and a nice little Village Fountain from Sarissa Precision.
As I told you in yesterday's post I had recently aquired two small MDF kits and now was the time to build them. (If you didn't read the building of the piano yesterday go back and do so now.) Here's how I built the fountain.

The fountain comes on one sheet of 2mm MDF.
The sides of the basin is built up using three layers on top of eachother.
The top layer is slightly larger and overhangs the walls. On the right the parts for the pump tower.
And finished. Our intrepid German soldiers liberate another piece of terrain.
I didn't mount the taps since they were flat and I plan on replacing them with pieces of wire instead. The design is a bit cruder than 4ground's kits, but it is easier to assemble and goes together without any problems. The thicker MDF is not as prone to warping as the thin sheets in the 4ground kits. You have to paint it yourself though, which I don't think is a problem really.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Mad. Mad, I tell you! Although this one looks a lot less mad than the piano.

  2. The madness of King Laffe... ;)


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