onsdag 10 september 2014

Spellcrow Ork bits review

Just a quickie today. I recieved a small package of Ork bits from Spellcrow, a resin bits maker in Poland. Instead of taking photos I did a small video. I will definitely buy from them again, nice stuff and the freebies included were a nice bonus.

I bought the bits from their eBay shop, although they have more items on their own web-page. They are also available from Wayland Games, should you wish to buy from a familiar store.

Anyway, if you can stand my mumbling and gibberish, please enjoy the video.

2 kommentarer:

  1. We shall have a talk about filming technique later today, but apart from that, a very nice review. Excellent product, makes me wish I had any use for their stuff.

    1. Filming technique, schmilming teqhnique.

      (I do need to get a proper setup for doing videos though...)


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