onsdag 24 september 2014

Figures finally finished! Frigging fantastic!

What's this, another update? Updates three days in a row? Will it start raining frogs next?

Actually what happened was that I had a lot of stuff nearly finished but didn't want to put it up before I had completed my X-wing Tournament report. It was tedious to write though, so I actually got some stuff painted in the mean time. So without further ado, pictures!

Crusader 28mm late war brits.

So these are the Crusader late war british figures I bought a while ago. I actually painted three of them back in May, but the rest have remained half finished until now.

I used the same technique as in my Early War tutorial except that I wanted the webbing to be green. For this I used Coat d'Arms Tank Drab highlighted with Foundry Raw Linen (shade) and finally GW Nurgling Green.

So that's the first squad out of three done. But then there's the platoon HQ to do, and of course I need some support as well. I'm not particularly fond of the Bolt Action figures from Warlord, but some of the british looked ok so I ordered some specialist figures that isn't available from Crusader Miniatures.

A stretcher bearer and a flamethrower team
I had no idea how I would paint the flamethrower so I went with dark grey hoses and the tank I painted green like the helmets and other equipment.

I think these figures were sculpted by Richard Ansell who also did the TooFatLardies character set still available from Warlord as Christmas Truce. They are quite well detailed with some nice touches like scarves and the tin mug hanging on one of the backpacks. I found the faces a bit harder to paint compared to the Crusader figures, especially the eyes were hard to pick out.

Size comparison, Crusader Miniatures on the left, Warlord Games on the right.
The two ranges are quite compatible, although the Crusader Miniatures are a bit more well fed than the Warlord figures. It's not that noticable en mass on the tabletop but I will still use Crusader Miniatures for the bulk of my force.

Happy Gaming!

8 kommentarer:

  1. Lovely stuff. Keep count, since due to my stupid promise I will be forced to match them man for man with Fallschirmjäger next year.

  2. One squad, ten men.
    One flamethrower team, two men.
    One medical orderly, one man.

    Total 13 men so far.

  3. Magic work Leif. I really love the stretcher bearer mate.

  4. Really like the finished figures, glad you got round to finishing them off


  5. Great work. I think these look splendid - great figures and very robust. They'll be perfect on the table!

  6. Superb painting and basing on these. I don't have any Crusader figures yet as I thought they would not match up with my Warlord figures but your photos are swaying me to buy some.

    1. Thank you. The Crusaders are little bit chunkier, but they look good on the table.


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