söndag 28 september 2014

Something old, something new...

...but nothing borrowed and nothing blue. Instead it's mine and all green. Or it will be.

I'm of course talking about my 40K orks. I have been playing them since the second edition boxed set (you know, the one with the 20 monopose orks and 40 monopose gretchin), but since I suffer from the ever disruptive Oooh Shiney-syndrome and GW release new models faster than I can paint them I have a huge lead mountain to get rid of. Lately the lead mountain's upper portions have been more and more made of resin and plastic, but at it's core there is proper metal. When excavating in search of some WW2 stuff I came upon a suspiscious-looking box.

Note the date: invoiced january 9th 2001, arrived at the post office Mars 5th 2001.
The crucial question is, did the box still contain what was on the invoice?
Yes it did! At least the Ork gunwagon, the epic stuff are somewhere else.

Halfway through construction.
I didn't take any pictures of the various parts before construction as I was too busy trying to figure out how they would fit together. The model is obviously based on the first edition plastic battlewagon, you know the one that could take as many models you could pile on it. I still have it somewhere, I guess it could function as a truck nowadays.

This one, although my isn't painted yet. Love the old school painting btw...
So, in todays rules, what could it be. Well, a Trukk obviously, but the giant cannon can't be mounted on a Trukk so it has to be a Looted Wagon using the White Dwarf rules. Interestingly the Looted Wagon still retains its transport capability of twelve models even with the cannon.

I decided to magnetize the kannon to add some flexibility to the vehicle.
Thinking of maybe using the cannon on the ground as a mek gun I decided to magnetise it. I then figured I could magnetize a Forge World zzzap-gun as well and be able to switch armaments, sadly it's not allowed on looted vehicles, only battlewagons.

The gun supports are "hovering" a little bit above the floor because of the magnets, but it's not noticable really.
The base for the zzzap-gun in place.
That zzzap-gun looks wicked in the gunwagon. 
I'm also in the process of converting and orkyfying a Hummwe plastic toy that I got from Jocke. At first I was going to use it a s buggy but seeing it was almost as big as a Trukk I decided that it would fit that role better.

Previously owned, only used for driving to the church on sundays.
Ironically I think I will be painting the Hummwe red and making it an Evil Sunz trukk, while the Gunwagon will be painted green and used as a Blood Axe vehicle.


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  1. I like these, I'm using a Tiger for my orks at the moment.

    1. Yeah, the Tiger has to be the ultimate bad-ass Ork tank. You just have to orkify it a little bit.

  2. Haha! The Hummer. Will be fun to se what you'll do with it.
    It was only used to raid the church on Sundays, mind you :-)

    1. Oh, and now understand that my tin- and plastics mountain is pea-nuts compared to yours. Just found something from 2001.... sigh.

    2. So then you do not have any excuses for adding stuff to it :-)


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