måndag 24 mars 2014

Weekend Report; X-wing, Renedra News and Give-away!

I didn't get any hobbywork done during the weekend, but I managed to get some gaming in. Namely X-wing together with the local club Starfighters on sunday. It was a nice afternoon spent together with other Star Wars geeks. Also double nice as my youngest decided to come along.

Me and the Padawan trying to come up with a clever strategy.
We played as a team fielding the forces of Order (Empire) against the vile terrorists outlaws (Rebels) fielding Boba Fett, a Lambda Class shuttle and some protection in the form of a lonely TIE Fighter to provide cover and colourful explosions. Which he did by getting in the way of my shuttle, getting ionized by the revolting rebels and then blown to bits. In the end the Empire prevailed though, order was restored to the galaxy and everybody had fun, which is the important bit.

I then spent sunday evening and half the night reorganizing my spaceship storage, unpacking the new Imperial Aces expansion and trying to fit everything into boxes. The goal was to have one box with imperial ships, one with rebels, and then a third box with all the game components: cards, tokens, dice, range sticks etc. I realised I only had seven TIE Fighters -- I thought I had eight! -- but as there is no more room for even a single TIE in my Imperial box maybe that was for the best. Obviously I need to buy more rebels as there is plenty of room in their box!

That assembly diagram seems up-side down though...

On another note Renedra is coming out with a 1/56th scale mud brick house, suitable for North Africa or Afghanistan, although it might work as a mexican adobe building for western games. I will buy two I think. You can see a preview video and even win one by going to Model Dad's Blog and follow the instructions.

Happy gaming!

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  1. Only the Empire can win !!

    Empire strikes back !!

    (very nice T-shirt indeed ^^)



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