lördag 15 mars 2014

Painting table Saturday

There's a thing now on blogger where you show your painting table on Saturday. It was started by Sofie of Sofie's Paint Blog who also drew the nice graphic below.

I have forgotten about it previously, or I wasn't doing any painting on Saturdays, but today I remembered. Too bad I'm not painting,  just doing a lot of assembling. But here goes.

Yep, todays painting table is the kitchen table! 

Jump Off Points for Chain of Command
A wrecked cart and a lot of battlefield debris from Sgts Mess.
Oooh look a motorcycle! That will look spiffing in a ditch!
Until next time.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Thanks for participating today and spreading the word!
    Greetings, Sofie

  2. Lots to keep you occupied :)

  3. Great idea with the dead cows for Jump Off Points for Chain of Command. That m/c in the ditch will be a nice little touch for your scenery.


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