onsdag 19 mars 2014

More US Paratroopers painted.

Hi gang. Been slaving away on my paras and completed a big load of them. I was going to do them six at a time but for some reason I nearly completed six and then I started on the next batch. However as I can't count very well I actually painted nine more... well, here they are.

Half a squad of grunts. Note the poor sods lugging around the browning MG.
More after the break.

First I did the second half of the squad I started earlier. I used the same method like before, but I gave them one more final highlight compared with the first ones. This looked much better so I had to go back and give the already finished figures one more highlight as well. Drat. Forgot to take pictures of them as well, double-drat.

A couple of Bazooka teams.
Next up is two bazooka teams. This time I experimented with a brown undercoated drybrushed with beige, but it didn't work as planned. So instead of easing the painting process I had to do more steps, painting in all the webbing by hand. And the uniforms required the same number of highlights anyway. Thrice drat, dammit!
Also, the bazookas turned out very dark, but I'm not sure what to do about it. They were olive drab in real life, so I didn't want to paint them like metal.

The platoon commander and platoon sergeant.
Along with the bazooka teams I did the platoon commander and the platoon sergeant. They got hexagonal bases to tell them apart from the regular guys. Funnily enough the commander is armed with a carbine while the sergeant got a Tommy gun, I think people will assume the SMG armed figure is the commander. The wash I gave them turned out too dark but I think they came out okay in the end.

A .30 cal browing team deployed, the way you do NOT want to see them.

There, a little better from the side.

And from above.
Here's the one I didn't count. Somehow I didn't notice the browning team among the standing figures and thought to myself "better give that squad an MG too".

Dice holders for recording shock using microdice.
While I was basing the figures whipped up some bases with dice holders. They are available from Minibits and are very useful to record shock using microdice. By having a special base for the dice they won't bounce around changing value or get picked up and rolled by mistake.

And here's the whole lot.
The upcoming convention game is in four weeks and I have already painted over half the figures I need. I just hope I can keep the motivation up all the way but I'm already itching to continue painting my 28mm DAK and Desert Rats. Ho-hum, maybe doing some more terrain pieces and jump off points will help.

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  1. Exellent work done there Leif! I like them alot. Is the convention you mention by the way GothCon?



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