torsdag 21 juni 2012

Three dwarfs walk into a bar...

Well, my small band of merry dwarves are growing!

No, I have not completed any more figures, although I am in the process of painting several dwarves. But I have long been curious about Scibor miniatures and during the last sale by Maelstrom I ordered three to check them out.

Dwarf Slaughterer.

Scibor miniatures are beautifully sculpted fantasy miniatures in the 28-30mm "heroic scale". They come molded in grey resin and you need to glue one or two bits on. The fit is good and while there are a little flash it only takes a couple of minutes to clean them up. The dwarves came with scenic resin bases as well, depicting broken stone floor tiles.

Dwarf Ducal Guard V
Stylewise they go well together with Warhammer miniatures, although the Scibor minis are a tad bit more realistic. "Realistic???" I hear you say. Well, while they are all built like brick houses with bulging muscles and tree stumps for legs, at least the hands and faces are more proportionate with the bodies than the current GW line.

Dwarf Girl
I chose a "slaughterer" to act as a veteran or hero for my slayer regiment. I like that he's holding up a severed troll head. The Ducal Guard is really meant for an elite regiment, wearing a cloak and golden armour but will be a hero in my army as well. It's not visible in the photo but he's got a really beautiful pattern engraved in his shield. Lastly I bought one of the only two female dwarves available, a nice little upnosed dwarf girl in a renaissance styled dress. She's beatifully sculpted, but I'm not fond of her short sword and will probably replace it.

Hang on, what's this???
I'm ending with a small riddle. What are the two figures above? Let's see who among my readers have the greatest knowledge of ancient figures. No prize, except for the honour and respect.

(Yes, I know they are orcs, it says so on the base tab even. Be more specific, please!)

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