onsdag 13 juni 2012

Dust Tank Busters

First a bit of nomenclature; I was going to write something about Tank Bustas and do some little stint on Busta Rhymes or something. Then I realised a Tank Busta is an ork from Warhammer 40k, while these are Allied Tank Busters from Dust Warfare. I still haven't even played Dust Warfare but I was curious about painting some allied figures for a change.

"Heavy Ranger Tank Hunter Squad" doesn't quite have the same ring to it.

The Tank Busters have heavy armour and jump rockets strapped to their backs. They are armed with Bazookas and rocket punches -- a rocket driven power fist each. The figures are finely molded with crisp details and come undercoated in green with the allied star on the chest. What isn't apparent from the pictures is that these are large figures, they tower a full head higher than regular Dust figures and their armour is bulkier too. Not like in Warhammer 40k where ordinary Imperial Guardsmen are as big as 7 foot bio-engineered Space Marines.

I'll bust a cap in yo ass!
I experimented painting these in different steps and with different techniques. For example, on one figure I used a black pin wash last after the highlight, on another I started with the wash. The colours used where the same for each figure though:

Shade/Wash: Citadel Black diluted and mixed with Future. (Any black wash will probably do.)
Main colour: Vallejo Brown Violet, which is a very nice Olive drab colour and neither brown nor violet. This was overbrushed from the top down, to leave the base green showing.
Highlight: Citadel Dheneb Stone.
Flesh: Wargames Foundry Flesh, all three shades applied in layers after the armour was done.

And that's it. I found that the results were roughly equal so I will be using the one that's fastest in the future. For the record it's Black wash, Violet Brown overbrush, Dheneb Stone Drybrush, Flesh.

I was thinking of adding metal chips on the edges of the armour but I don't think it will add anything and just clutter the paint job up. I still need to do the mouth and perhaps the eyes on the leader though, and basing them of course, but they are very much ready to hit the gaming table.

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  1. Nice! I'd better get a move on, your army is outgrowing mine.

    1. They are really easy-peasy to do. Suddenly I'm thinking of getting Action Jackson and a platoon of British Paratroopers, since they will be painted in no time.

      I bet you can shave some seconds off by doing the flesh with a basic coat and just a wash, but I like the Foundry flesh tones.

    2. I will be doing Brits in Denison-style camouflaged armour, or perhaps Mickey Mouse-style cammo to match the vehicles they will sooner or later be getting.

  2. They're damn imposing and nicely done.

  3. Those stars on their chest make for a great target;)

    Great stuff,


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