tisdag 5 juni 2012

Spare a coin for some poor dwarfs, guv?

Just a quick note about this funding campaign from Avatars of War. As you might know Avatars of War is a miniatures company making some beautiful and evocative 28mm fantasy figures. The ranges are compatible with the Warhammer imagery but in my opinion often superior to the official Games Workshop figures. This is probably very deliberate as Avatars of War was started by former GW sculptor Felix Paniagua. 

The backstory is that he sculpted a couple of very nice character models but GW wanted him to sculpt lots of rank and file models without the level of detail he wanted to put on them. I'm sure there were other issues such as time/workload ratio and not being allowed to work on the subjects he wanted. In the end he left GW and set up his own company, much like some other very talented individuals that have left the GW stable over the years.

Anyway, Avatars of War have been releasing mostly character models, but have made a couple of plastic box sets, such as plastic slayer models and a couple of plastic "not-Chaos Warriors" boxed sets. Now Avatars of War is looking to launching their own army level game called "Warthrone of Saga" or something like that. First up is the dwarf army and they are looking for funding to be able to start up the whole range. The whole thing is done through, which holds onto the money until the project either is funded or the time runs out. If the funding fails you get all your money back, so no risk there.

So go to and have a look at the concept sketches and see if they tickle your imagination. Or go to to check out all the awesome models already available. Oh, and sign up to fund the project so I can get some sweet and hairy stunties for my army.

May your beard grow long and your axe-arm strong.

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