måndag 31 oktober 2016

October is... where the bleep did October go???

Previous years, October has been Orktober... or Tanktober... and I've seen some people this year that has treated October as Dreadtober. For me October is Gonetober.

Not as in "I'm gone" or "Where have all my hobby time gone?", but as in "Dang October is gone before I figured out what October is this year". You could say that October became Culttober since the Genestealer Cults were released at the end of September and I spent the beginning of October building hybrids...

A couple of old metal Acolytes that have borrowed arms from their DW:OK brethren.
I had aquired an extra set of Deathwatch Overkill genestealers. While gorgeous they have very repetetive poses and equipment. However I bought one of each hybrid box that were released with the codex and all the extra options in them allowed me to convert the extra set of DW:OK figures.

The acolyte box has plenty of extra arms that can be used to convert DW:OK acolytes as well as old metal acolytes.

These DW:OK acolytes were given heads some new arms and a banner from the Acolyte kit.

These acolytes were turned into Metamorphs instead.
I even managed to scrounge up parts for two leaders.

To be honest, looking at the pictures, I don't remember which figures are the original DW:OK figures or which are figures from the new Acolyte kit. The kit only containes five bodies though, and only five Metamorph arms. While the acolytes get plenty of options (like five hand flamers and five autopistols as well as heavy mining equipment and demolition charges, a banner and parts for a leader) the Metamorphs are a bit left out. I can but wonder if this is intentional from GW's part, making it possible to convert the Deathwatch:Overkill acolytes, but not build more than five Metamorphs out of the box, forcing you to buy more boxed if you want more Metamorphs. I do have more metal acolytes in a box somewhere, so when I find them I need to buy another box anyway and then I can make more Metamorphs, hooray!

All my Acolytes -- three units of nine, each with a leader and mining equipment. Front are the Metamorphs.

And then I built some more hybrids!
As with the acolytes I used the neophyte spare arms to convert DW:OK neophytes. 

A mining laser, heavy stubber and a seismic cannon walk into a bar...
Speaking of seismic cannons I found this old conversion beamer... I think it can "count as" a seismic cannon too

Various DW:OK figures with shotguns from the Neophyte box.

I think these are from the Neophyte box. The grenade launcher itself is from a DW:OK figure that swapped it for a shotgun.

As with the Acolytes you can also equip old metal figures with the extra arms. (Only takes a bit of green stuff).

Some more hybrids (duh!) with a leader.
So you get three different heavy weapons, three different special weapons, three different hand weapons and three different pistols for a leader, along with a cult icon and enough shotguns and autoguns to equip ALL of the figures inside the box. Theres some twenty heads in there, eight or so are mirror image versions of DW:OK heads, the rest are new sculpts. This is an impressive kit.

I didn't take a picture of all the Neophyte hybrids together like I did with the Acolytes, but in the end I think I ended up with 47 or 48 neophytes. Enough to at least build one ten-hybrid unit (to fit in a transport) and two nearly full strength 20-hybrid units. Irritatingly I built 7 special weapons and 7 heavy weapons. With a limit of two special weapons and two heavy weapons per unit regardless of how many neophytes there are in it, I need to make a fourth unit. So I will probably buy another box of neophytes...

All this building hybrids did put me off the genestealers for a bit so I had to do something else. So I painted The Dicebag Lady's fantasy female chaos warrior Adira.

Hello Adira, Champion of the Dark!
I will use her for my upcoming Open Combat Chaos Warband. The tentacle arm will fit perfectly as a spear with it's better reach, and for close up and personal she will use the axe. Just need to get the figures from the Pantheon of Chaos kickstarter...

Phew... and that was just the first half of October! Stay tuned for more.

8 kommentarer:

  1. Fantastic! Can't wait to see them painted.

    1. Oh no! The dreaded P-word!
      We'll see... I guess it will be a while before they are all painted, but I will try to paint a kill team's worth (200 points) as soon as possible.

  2. Great figures! good to see that the old figures fit the new arms or vice versa... I have a few of the old ones around somewhere.

    1. The new figures are slightly wider over the shoulders, which means you have to use a bit of green stuff to fit the new arms if they are holding the weapons with both hands.

      Other than that, no problems at all.

  3. A whole lot of work ahead of you Leif!

  4. Wow, quite a lot of figures waiting for a paint-job :-)
    You've got November well-booked


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