söndag 18 september 2016

And the heavens will deliver our reward!

So Warhammer TV dropped another trailer...


It's really happening now... there will be a fullblown Genestealer Codex coming! Judging from the trailer they don't show any new models -- GW now has a policy to not make art for anything not available to buy -- except for that sweet armoured car thingie. I guess there won't be any limos, but that car looks sweet enough, and one can always convert one I guess :-)

Light Industrial Mining Operations Security?

Well, if you can stretch a Hummer I bet you can stretch a cult armoured car... I will have to buy three.
The trailer dropped right as I was making the final touches on my first four Genestealer hybrids, so I thought I'd show them to you.

Not the fab four exactly.
And the customary back shot.
I'm a bit to tired and hyped up at the same time to compile a painting guide for them. The flesh tones though were created by using Foundry Light flesh over white and then gently glazing with Army Painter purple wash, followed by picking out the raised areas with Light flesh again. The more alien looking hybrids where treated a bit more wash than the other two. The metals were done with Warcolours paints since I like their metals better than GW. The rest was mostly Wargames Foundry paints with Army Painter washes, although I used some GW as well.

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  1. Those look fantastic. Hmm, suddenly I'm glad I never sold my Stealers. There may be fun to be had with them yet.

  2. This is something that might actually make me buy a non-paint GW product since... hmm... the early noughties. The new plastic cult stuff look enough like the old school models to mix fairly well and makes me want to start up that ever-slumbering Necromunda campaign...

    1. Yeah, it has me excited about 40k for the first time in years... I have kept tabs, worked on my orks and my plague marines... but not really been into the game. Now I'm hyped again.

      And speaking of Necromunda, guess who still has his Delaque gang, which I painted with vaguely purplish skin?

  3. Beautiful work Leif. I love the flesh!

    1. Thanks Paul. All courtesy of Army Painter washes.

  4. Svar
    1. Tack! Bara uh... 28 kvar, plus de jag köper på lördag... uhh... plus de störra hybriderna...

  5. Those Hybrids are very well painted !! ^^

    Congratulations ^^



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