torsdag 8 januari 2015

Predictions for 2015

I won't make any promises or plans for 2015, but I will try to make some predictions.

Let me gaze into my crystal ball...

  • I will paint at least one squad each for Perry's Desert Rats and Deutches Afrika Korps, and probably a support weapon or vehicle too, before Easter. Because otherwise we're screwed for our GothCon Chain of Command game. I already have one squad of each painted and I'm counting on Thomas to paint a squad of each too. Hopefully I will manage some more. (I also predict that I will then suffer from desert burn-out and not paint any more desert-y stuff until after the summer.)
Eh... quite.
  • I predict I will be doing lots of terrain. Mainly because I have lots of built but unpainted terrain stuff that needs finishing.
  • I predict that I will be painting some 20mm americans and germans for playing the 29 Let's Go! campaign for Chain of Command. Most of the stuff is already bought so I think this will be a good "break" project painting in between all that desert stuff.
A complete campaign for the prize of a pint! Go buy it now!
  • I predict I will try to play some Shadows of Brimstone and may even paint a couple of figures for it. I have ordered more Wild West figures from Black Scorpion to be used as extra characters, but I predict that I have ordered too many, and yet not the exact figures I needed and therefore loose interest.
  • I also have late war British and German platoons in 28mm to paint. I predict that I will paint some of them and a tank or two. I will probably buy some more stuff just because I am weak willed. Especially if more lovely plastic tanks are released.
Every wargamer knows you just can't have too many tanks.
  • Speaking of weak willed I went out and bought a Stompa for my 40K  orks. My prediction is that I will convert or build a lot of ork figures but paint very few of them. The Stompa however is impossible to resist and it will get a lick of paint and be used in a game during 2015.
I have already started building it. The thing's a beast of a kit!
  • I will also say "No more Kickstarters" and then promptly be seduced by one coming along with nice figures. I will try to not go all bonkers though and only put in small sensible pledges. (As if that will ever happen!)
  • I wrote 46 blog posts last year. Not quite on my target of one post a week. I predict my blogging will be a bit random and about as frequent as it was last year.
I also predict that all my predictions will prove wrong... one way or another. Happy gaming!

3 kommentarer:

  1. I predict there will be lots of tasty Kickstarters. I also predict you will fall for a bunch of them. Sensible pledges... Bah, humbug!

    1. I liked the Clan McFiggin kickstarter:

      For only £40 I got twelve dwarf figures that take me less time to not paint than not painting all of the Brimstone stuff!

    2. That is sensible... in a way. I sense that you will do well in 2015.


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