lördag 24 januari 2015

Big, Bigger, STOMPA!!!

I haven't really started on a good foot with my hobby projects this year. I should be painting and assembling a lot of CoC stuff, but I haven't. And it's all this guy's fault:

When the going get's tough, the tough get stomped!
Yep, that's a Stompa. I bought it right after christmas and have been assembling and modifying it to my heart's desire. I decided to magnetize a lot of parts both to make it easier to store, but also to be able to paint the different parts separately. So I've been a bit busy lately.

There are a lot of fun little details like this window with a learing grot pearing out.
The Stompa is a marvellous piece of kit. Right out of the box there are no equipment options, but when have that ever hindered a Big Mek? You do get a lot of spikes and extra armour plates and a big Ork faceplate to individualize your Stompa though. I'm saving most of them for converting an Imperial Bastion into an Ork fortress.

This poor fellow is hanging from a hatch off one of the ammo drums. You could hang him anywhere of course.
The building instructions are a little bit hazy but as it's an Ork vehicle anything goes, really. I had a hard time deciding what colour to paint it in, and in the end I went for yellow, since everyone knows Bad Moons are the richest orks (couse their teef grow faster) I reckoned they would be the ones affording a Stompa. As I have painted a couple of Nobs as Bad Moons they get to ride in it.

The Mega-gatling. More bang for your teef.
I sprayed the hull with Tamiya Dark Brown spray, and when thought it had dried enough I went over the Stompa with Army Painter Yellow spray at a 45 degrees angle to get som shadows. I took advantage of a temporary increase in temperature to work outside, but apparently Tamiya and Army Painter sprays behave differently in low temperature. The undercoat hadn't really dried in some places and when I oversprayed with yellow the brown ate through it in places. It looks kind of cool and I will use the brown spots to put some rust on it.

The paint malfunction led to some cool effects.
Next up would be putting the final details on the Stompa, but at this stage I decided to put a lot of lights in the Stompa. These I'm taking from a cheap LED Christmas ornament from IKEA. I haven't solved how I'm going to install the power switch or how to change the batteries yet, somehow I have to figure out a way to open the Stompa after painting it.

All the magnetized stuff: head, krooz-missuls, close combat arm, gun arm, ammo box and engine stacks.
Unfortunately all the magnets is making the Stompa heavier and unbalances so I will have to base it. I feel this is a long term project really.


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  1. That is so cool! I agree, Bad Moons are the way to go. Great stuff!

    1. Thanks, Nick. Orks are my guilty pleasure really.

  2. Get back to CoC!
    Nice stuff this, I can understand (a bit) why you're at it.

  3. You are supposed to be painting DAK. Not orks. DAK.


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