fredag 8 augusti 2014

More orks for da Whaaaaagh!

Hi gang, been painting orks for a while. I got the StormClaw boxed set with more nobs and I used the left over bits and bodies to upgrade the mono-pose Assault on Black Reach nobs. As I normally do not paint anything yellow I decided to paint up the extra nobs as Bad Moons.

The left Nob is from Assault on Black Reach with a leftover Big Choppa, the right one is a regular Nob.
More pictures after the break.

Some subtle chipping and rust added on the armour and weapons.

I tried to differentiate the yellow on the armour from the clothes.

The yellow is not as bright in real life, it was a bugger to photograph though.

Before I did the Bad Moons I finished the goffs I had been painting.

My first ever Object Source Lighting miniature. It turned out OK in the end I think.

And his merry Goff Boys. I meant to add muzzle blasts on these too, but dropped the idea.

The two on the sides have metal bodys and are originally from the Hard Boys box some two editions or so back.

More orkiness is in the works, stay tuned.

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