fredag 1 augusti 2014

Da Deff Skull Deff Dread Done!

As I said last week I have a bit of an ork craze now, glueing and painting orks like a mad boy. But painting loads of boyz gets dull very soon, even if you vary the paint scheme between the mobs. So I decided to tackle the Deff Dread I bought at the same time as the Codex.

Bought on release day, June 28th.

So that is one built, painted, based and varnished Deff Dread in little over a month, must be some kind of record for me.

 More pictures after the break.

I had a hard time deciding on a paint scheme but in the end I settled on Deff Skulls who are great at pilfering things -- thieving gits you might say -- and believe blue is a lucky colour. So my Deff Dread is mostly rusty with some bits still sporting what's left of their original paint.

"My what big arms you have grandma?"
Deff Skulls paint their faces blue for luck so I decided to paint the "face" blue as focus on the model, but I left the iron gob rusty. The Grot Rigger apparently took a bath in the blue paint for luck too!

I redid some of the cables with green stuff since I wanted them hanging down.
I glued on some etched brass from the 40k basing kit as additional armour on the arms and legs and repositioned one foot as if the Dread is walking forwards.

The engine didn't get as much rust as I figured it would be drenched in oil.
The kit is top notch with lots of extra gubbins and parts for your bit box; however the instructions are nearly useless and shows some parts being mounted backwards. Any true ork would just cobble together the parts randomly anyway so it's not like you can go wrong if you improvise.

I really wonder about the effectiveness of some of the close combat weapons.

The kit includes four arms and five different close combat appliances to mount on them, so you can swap them around quite a bit. Furthermore you get four weapon mounts -- although by the current rules you can only have two weapon arms -- and lots of different weapons: two Big Shootas, two Rokkit Launchas, two Megablastas and one Skorcha. There are three different faceplates as well, so if you buy two or even three Dreads you can make them all different.

Environment unfriendly.
Naturally so many options cries out for magnetisation, and that I did. All arms are removable and the weapon mounts have magnets both for mounting weapons and for attaching to the body. I haven't painted all the weapons yet, as I feared I might tire and leave the Dread nearly finished. Now I can concentrate on some other figures for a while and return later to paint some of the weapons if I need them for a game.

Switching out one of the close combat arms for a Skorcha
I managed to do a little bit of OSL on the Skorcha. It fits snugly under the arm.

Even the Grot Rigger is magnetised, so I can switch him out if need be.
All this magnetisation also serves another purpose. It's easier to transport the Dread without a lot of arms sticking out, and fragile things like the banner pole won't break if it's stored separately.

"Let's call it a draw!"
I have finished a Nob and a couple of boyz as well, but I will show them later I think.

So until next time, WHAAAAAAAAAGHHH!!!!

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  1. Nice work! that blue face is very vivid, and should stand out nicely on the table top.

    1. Yep, a good spot for the enemy to aim at :-)

  2. That's brilliant! Very clever stuff.

  3. Tjusigt! Nästan så jag blir sugen på 40k. Nästan.

    1. Som jag skrev i min förra post så var det inte de nya reglerna som gjorde det, utan den nya ork-boken. Det finns många mycket bättre spel därute, men någonstans i mitt hjärta brinner fortfarande en liten glöd för Warhammer-världen.

    2. Ja, världen är suveränt rolig och det är där jag började mitt figurspelande så nostalgin är påtaglig. Kanske måste köpa nåt Orky bara för att det är kul att bygga och måla.

  4. Nice smoke! I'm guessing you used cotton of some sort. Did you have to dip it in glue in order for it to be easier to paint?

    1. Yes it's cotton. No paint just dry pigments. The flames for the skorcha is painted cotton though.

    2. How do you get the pigments to stick? Won't they fall off when you handle the model?

    3. Pigment fixer. Although I didn't use any on the cotton because I was afraid it would clump together, just gently sprayed with varnish.

      It does shed a little, but not very much.

  5. Now that is cracking work sir, cracking!


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