måndag 6 maj 2013

PSC british infantry finished shots

It's been a while since I finished painting a squad of Plastic Soldier Company British infantry, but I couldn't varnish them because of the cold weather. Well, now that Sweden has finally thawed I was able to spray them. In the mean time I had managed to paint a command stand as well and I decided to tart up the bases on the finished figures for this photoshoot.

Forwards men! For King and Country, Tea and Bisquits!

I used a "pill" base from the excellent Warbases to create a command stand. For IABSM I like to denote the level of the Big Man by the number of miniatures on the base. This is then a level 3 leader suitable as a Platoon Commander. These chaps will also be used for TooFatLardies' upcoming skirmish game Chain of Command which uses a similar Big Man mechanism.

"This is me Bren gun."
Sorry for the blurry pics, it seems my cheap digital camera is drawing it's last breath soon. The pictures come out all dark and grainy despite using good lighting and long exposure.

Section NCO advancing with riflemen.

In case you missed it I have a painting guide here for these chaps.
I'm not that satisfied with the bases. I ended up doing a lot more work than needed to cover up the mess I started with. I started covering the bases with glue and sand, but I used the wrong sand with too large grains. The result was not great so I tried one of Games Workshop's new base paints with sand in it. This too had too large grains for my taste, which to make matters worse didn't settle between the previous sand but on top. Third time around I got hold of a jar of Tamiya textured paint which I spread on the bases trying work it into the unrealistic gaps left by the previous efforts. It sort of worked, so I painted all of it Khemri Brown and then drybrushed with Dheneb Stone. Last I sprinkled fine flock and added some tufts.

Movement trays from
I'm a big fan of WarBases products, especially their movement trays. While I had all the basing stuff out I decided to give some love to the movement trays as well. Buy doing them in the same style as the bases I hoped they wouldn't be so intrusive on the gaming table.

Yeah, I know, one guy is missing. I only painted nine figures...
I think it works, the effect is convincing. Sure, you'll always be aware of the bases one way or another.

The rifle team advancing under cover of the Bren team, led by the section NCO.
All in all I think they turned out ok, but next time I'll skip any GW products for the bases...

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  1. Excellent work Leif.
    Very nice idea, that with the bases. :)

  2. Excellent painted figures and the bases are really nice!



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