fredag 17 maj 2013

Do you want some free stuff?

Hell yeah! And me too!

Tamsin at the Wargaming Girl blog is celebrating 100k hits (no that's 100.000, not 100 kilos) by giving away stuff!

What's in the bag? Who knows... but a few lucky punters will.
Ok, I'm pimping this because I want the stuff, and pimping it gives me another 5 entries. On the other hand, if 5 of you enter my chances go down, so why am I doing this? Simply because Tamsins blog is worth following and in case any of you isn't following it already, you should do so. And secondly, because whoever get the stuff will be happy and I want my followers to be happy.

Day one giveaway here:
Day two giveaway here:

And there will be more to come...

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