onsdag 27 mars 2013

Leven Miniatures giveaway

There's a chance of winning some very nice 6mm terrain over at The Blog with No Name. (Awesome name, btw, wish I had thought of that.)

Just what I have been searching for, a stone water mill. I'm serious, I need one for a scenario.
So far Leven Miniatures (which sponsors the giveaway) has released some very nice 6mm scenery, and they are also working on a 10mm range. So head over there and win some stuff! On second thought, I want the stuff myself so don't go there. Oh, all right then...

7 kommentarer:

  1. Svar
    1. No you're not! They are mine, I tell you, mine!

    2. No they are not. Half of them are, the rest belong to Jocke.

  2. LOL this is how it all starts ;-)

    I am getting quite a lot out of this giveaway, through it I have found both your's and Thomas blog, both look my type of blogs


    1. Spreading the dise....the love!
      And they are mine, Laffe, I need the saw mill for Shelfville.


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