tisdag 12 mars 2013

Heroes of Normandie

Just a quick note. I noticed this project on Kickstarter and I have backed it. It sounds good, looks like a ton of fun and tactical enough: Heroes of Normandie.

According to the project page it's "A game of heroic tactical warfare inspired by Hollywood world war II movies (with blood, guts and devil pigs...)." The project team is French, btw.

I have no affiliation with the kickstarter or company, other than I'm a backer and if a lot of you out there also back it, I will get more goodies in my box due to the stretch goals. You can pledge as low as £45 (plus postage) for the basic game and you will still get some of the stretch goals. As always with Kickstarter you are not charged any money until the project ends, which is on saturday april 27th.

So go pledge now: Heroes of Normandy.

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  1. Svar
    1. I only pledged £55 + £10 postage. Not sure I could afford any more right now and to be honest I'm not sure I need any of the other advances. This level will get me the base game and a US weapons platoon and the SS group.

      The high command and smoke set didn't do anything for me and I figured there were already enough vehicles in the base set, don't need the Panzer group or Sherman platoon.

      I'm hoping some of the stretch goals will kick in which will give me more base boards and more terrain. That should give me enough variation not to tire of the game too soon.


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