torsdag 28 februari 2013

Modelling update

It has been a slow couple of weeks lately. We have been moving books and bookshelves at home in preparation for the gaming table that will finally grace my home. But that takes space, which means a lot of books have to go into storage or just plain being thrown away. (Mostly old crime novels or obsolete history and programming books.)

Carriers being painted, drivers and metal detailing getting some colour.
Work is progressing in teensy-weensy steps, but I have also hit on a couple of snags.

On the plus side I have now painted the drivers and all the details on the carriers. Now some light shading and weathering is in order, but before that I need some markings. This problem is too-fold: First I do not know what I markings I need, british vehicle markings is still a blank spot for me. After checking what was available I deciding on doing the 7th armoured division, the "desert rats" and ordered unit symbols as well as some generic allied stars and british tactical unit transfers. But I'm still waiting for them to arrive!

Note the gap between the front plate and side armour, since I haven't glued the fronts on yet!
My second snag came when I continued work on my Caesar halftrack. As I studied the instructions and the sprues, I noticed a piece was missing. It's a foot plate at the base of the Flak gun, which also has the firing pedal on. The piece should be fairly easy to replicate with some plasticard, but I lost interest at that point since I really hate scratchbuilding! Instead I assembled another of Plastic Soldier Company SdKfz 251 Hanomags.

And that is unfortunately all I have had time to do lately. Hopefully I can pick up speed again when the transfers arrive and finish the carriers. Then I have the IBG carrier I ordered which has arrived. It should be interesting to compare it to the PSC carriers.

5 kommentarer:

  1. Looking very good indeed. I like that trick of painting and finishing the driving compartment and driver before fastening the front plate. Wish I'd thought of that...

  2. Carriers are looking good. You might find this comparison of interest:

    Cheers, Dave

  3. Luvverly! I gots to get me some, but you pushed them down the list yourself by telling me PSC makes StuGs. Perkele Sturmi!

  4. Those carriers are definitely looking good, can't wait to see them with decals. Attaching the drivers first is definitely an idea I will have to borrow when I eventually get some.


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