onsdag 13 februari 2013

Barbed Wire WIP

Just a quickie today to show some of my barbed wire fences to my mates, Jocke and Thomas.

Nothing to do with a bad film starring Pamela Anderson.

The Barbed Wire consists of two strands of metal wire of different thickness; the thinner wire is wound around the thicker one, and then they are both coiled into the familiar roundels of wire. I actually bought it in a GW shop some ten years ago, but as it's an excellent product and well worth the money, GW of course have discontinued it. Luckily it's available from other manufacturers and shops, for example Antenocitis Workshop.

Close-up of the wire reveals the absense of any barbs, yet it looks the part.
Being metal it's easy to shape and twist the wire. I mounted plastic bars on Renedra plastic bases of various lengths, and then stretched the wire coils over the bars. I stippled Vallejo texture gel on the bases and gave it all a brown spray. The wire and posts were then drybrushed metal again. I originally intended these to be for normandy so I was going to add some static grass to the bases, but I will now repaint them for North Africa instead.

The longest pieces are 10cm long. A couple of pieces were mounted on home-made bases before I discovered Renedra.
I have made about 60-70cm of barbed wire bases so far, and have enough wire left for about 5 long bases, I think. For something that's very easy to make I think they look very effective.

7 kommentarer:

  1. I think I'll have to put in an order with Antenociti some time soon. I've been carrying a small sample of this wire around to every hardware and hobby store in Stockholm and no-one sells it.

    1. Hej!

      Ser ut som "vanlig" plomberingstråd!


    2. Det var intressant! var köper man sån?

    3. Här kanske:

      Man har det bla att plombera vattenmätare eller elcentraler, jag har själv använt det till att plombera ventiler på järnvägsvagnar. Nu har man slutat att ha metalltråd, allt är i plast :(. Så jag har "lånat" en och annan meter......

    4. eller göra egen:

      fast risken är att den fungerar på riktigt :)

  2. "Nothing to do with a bad film starring Pamela Anderson."
    Groan, that was a bad film...

    I actually found some of that same wire in a box..


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