onsdag 28 november 2012

Accomplishments and disappointments, not a newly discovered novel by Jane Austen. It's about our Operation Supercharge game.

As I wrote previously; our little band of gaming nuts were going to arrange a WW2 game at Flemcon this november. The con was slated for 17th and I had cleared and rearranged my calendar to be able to attend. Then it was moved a week to the 24th with short notice. Some sort of trouble with the building being water damaged, or something. Anyway I was unable to attend at the 24th, too much reshuffling of other events and family arrangements was needed -- Disappointment! 

As I had already commited time and effort coming up with a scenario and started to paint a lot of tanks I felt I couldn't back out. For one it wouldn't be fair to the other guys since they wouldn't be able to run the game without my figures. And second, I had already splashed out a lot of money on the miniatures and it would be a waste if they didn't get used.

So I actually finished a tank regiment -- 30 tanks -- along with a battery of six-pounders with universal carriers as tows, three six-pounder portee trucks and a couple of german PaK38's and some sangars for them to take shelter in -- Accomplishment!

Feeling quite a bit proud I eagerly awaited reports coming in from the front, I mean my fellow gamers, after the weekend. And while there had been some people looking at the desert board and all the little cute tanks neatly arrayed in attack waves, all potential players were seduced by Thomas great-looking Dux Gondorianum table. So nobody played Operation Supercharge -- Disappointment!

To be fair, I understand them. I mean, a desert is quite... dreary, and little sand-coloured tanks are not as colourful as 28mm LotR figures. Add in some lovely houses from 4Ground and it's quite easy to see that only serious treadheads would prefer commanding a tank squadron over a bunch of bloodthirsty orcs or stalwart men of Gondor. And I can take some consolation from the fact that my Renedra fences added to the eye-candy of Thomas game. On the plus-side, I now have a tank regiment painted, ready  for some serious desert action -- Accomplishment!

Without further ado, here are some pictures of the figures I painted. First up is the infantry company's anti-tank battery.

Six pounder portees.
Six pounders deployed.

Six pounders towed with HQ carrier.

The six pounders came with 15cwt lorries but I thought carriers looked better.

Apologies for the sligthly dark pictures, it's hard to photograph such small models. More pictures of the other stuff to follow.

Last a picture of the Renedra fences together with a couple of Revell 1/72 figures, as someone wanted to know if they were suitable for 20mm stuff as well.

Entirely suitable for 20mm, I think.
Keep on gaming!

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  1. Yes, that was a bit of a disappointment I must say. I had everything set up, I knew where all my little (and not so little) guns were hiding.... and nobody wanted to be shot to pieces!
    Mayor disappointment.
    But the con was nice and we had two great Dux games.


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